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@The Chechen Slayer get a mod to start up the bot again

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since a mod shoah'd the bot and it won't run

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with 256 MB VRAM or more

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I'm black

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Funny copy pasta. I am not a “left winger” or a “right winger” i have both wings. both wings let me fly.. above the sheep and fools

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@Lord Joe i think you died or something, cuz i can't hear you

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Man I could sit around and debate communists for the rest of my life. Antifa clearly has a problem with authoritarian ideologies. They are clearly have delusions about what communism is.

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Lol right

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They are silly people

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mlpol is a secret

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I wish I could just argue with these people and change their focus. However they are not rational if they claim to be anti-authoritarian and support large government.

2017-04-03 23:46:10 UTC  

All they care about is destroying western civilization. They cannot be reasoned with, they must be crushed.

2017-04-03 23:46:28 UTC  

There are reasons that authoritian left makes more sense than authoritarian right. Large goverments tend to grab more power for themselves. So large government is what defines the left. In reality the only two governments that would see thanks to the nature of state power is left authoritarian and right libertarian.

2017-04-03 23:47:17 UTC  

All countries on the right are more libertarian without a cultural component.

2017-04-03 23:47:36 UTC  

There can be authoritarian culture.

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Religion is authoritarian culture in essence.

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Who do you guys think did the bombing today?

2017-04-03 23:48:48 UTC  

Ukraine? Chechens? Isis?

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But do you see what I'm saying? A large government is set to be authoritarian because eventually there are no measures in place to stop a large government from getting even more power over the people.

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well obviously

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>Religion is authoritarian culture in essence.

2017-04-03 23:52:39 UTC  

It comes with an often fairly strict moral code so yes.

2017-04-03 23:52:46 UTC  

Kind of a base statement because (1) not all religions have strict traditions, or even attempt to recruit people

2017-04-03 23:53:05 UTC  

The largest do however.

2017-04-03 23:53:30 UTC  

and aside from a notable exception of islam most wont use force on those who do not follow their practices

2017-04-03 23:54:16 UTC  

>The largest do

Tell that to the Buddhist

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That's exactly why all those witches got burnt to death. Remember christianity used to own the state. Being ex-communicated by the pope was a death sentence in most cases.