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2017-02-11 23:07:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Really what you need to do is win the indoctrination battle.

2017-02-11 23:08:22 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Either stop the way certain subjects in college are taught or teach and indoctrinate your own.

2017-02-11 23:09:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The spread of marxism started in colleges. Then it spread out from there. Sociology was the first course to indoctrinate with marxism.

2017-02-11 23:22:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-02-11 23:26:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

m8 why do we have to reveal a location?

2017-02-11 23:27:19 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm not in a state.

2017-02-11 23:28:03 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I would sign on as a general tactics advisor.

2017-02-11 23:29:45 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-02-11 23:33:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Stop with this petty shit you fucking kike. "It's not divided we stand" is it?

2017-02-11 23:41:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm versed in intelligence agency tactics so if anyone wants to have a discussion about it I'm here.

2017-02-11 23:42:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I think like a kike though. That's probably why most of you won't like my plans anyways.

2017-02-12 00:05:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What you need is a programmer.

2017-02-12 00:06:14 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Eat shit faggot. @animeisrael

2017-02-12 00:07:07 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It would work though.

2017-02-12 00:08:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

My mistake then.

2017-02-12 00:23:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Fuck their moms.

2017-02-12 00:23:58 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Be their dad.

2017-02-12 00:24:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Send secrit codes to the Russians with it.

2017-02-12 00:34:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  

tfw your brain is a borg cube.

2017-04-03 17:52:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-03 17:52:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-03 17:55:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I was here a long time ago. How's it going? Seems dead.

2017-04-03 17:56:09 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Well for the amount of people in here anyway.

2017-04-03 17:56:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-03 17:57:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Market research?

2017-04-03 17:57:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I see.

2017-04-03 17:58:22 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I want to gather intel for you guys is there anyone I should send my report to?

2017-04-03 18:00:17 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Sure but what better way to do that than take some action?

2017-04-03 18:00:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

How does it work here?

2017-04-03 18:00:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What do I have to do to get vetted I mean.

2017-04-03 18:02:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Anyway I know I'm trustworthy. I'm going to begin research on sjws immediately. This will lead to better plans of action.

2017-04-03 18:02:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Know any sjw websites?

2017-04-03 18:02:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm kind of clueless what to look into.

2017-04-03 18:03:11 UTC [Anticom #general]  

OK I'll wait.

2017-04-03 18:13:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-03 18:52:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I can't post memes though.

2017-04-03 18:54:18 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What did you say to me? I'll have you know I have over 100 confirmed kills.

2017-04-03 18:55:24 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-03 18:57:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I have a theory that when interacting with sjws online it is best to pretend you're black.

2017-04-03 18:58:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

They'll listen to you more because they automatically put you in the "victim" role.

2017-04-03 18:58:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

However I can't be sure because I haven't fully tested it out.

2017-04-03 18:59:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Do sjws actually converse at all on a website?

2017-04-03 19:00:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I would love to study this cult of communist inspired ideology.

2017-04-03 19:02:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

So no one have a website they know to be a sjw site? I'm very interested in these retarded specimens. My inner scientist is excited.

2017-04-03 19:03:16 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Fascinating my assumptions were correct.

2017-04-03 19:04:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

So what did he do?

2017-04-03 19:06:41 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I really wish that meme would die. It's actually the religion of conquest if you look at history.

2017-04-03 19:08:37 UTC [Anticom #general]  

*reads Koran* Yes apparently anyone who doesn't read the arabic word fitnah in it is fairly peaceful usually.

2017-04-03 19:09:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Sorry amateur religious scholar.

2017-04-03 19:10:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You really need to read the Koran is arabic to understand it fully.

2017-04-03 19:11:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Where it says "brother" in english it actually means "Muslim or literal brother"

2017-04-03 19:19:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Paintball guns can knock them back even at the same time. There are also paint grenades from what I've heard.

2017-04-03 19:20:56 UTC [Anticom #general]  

So paint grenades.

2017-04-03 19:21:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I like the longer range stuff. Why not a mix of paint and pepperspray?

2017-04-03 19:22:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Why not bright neon purple?

2017-04-03 19:23:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Who wears purple really?

2017-04-03 19:25:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Super soakers.

2017-04-03 19:25:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Long range, highly effective and toyish looking.

2017-04-03 19:26:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Form a shield wall and paint grenades maybe?

2017-04-03 19:26:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

We make plywood tower shields.

2017-04-03 19:26:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Hard to break and cheap.

2017-04-03 19:27:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It was the roman strategy along with lavelins to arc over the wall.

2017-04-03 19:27:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  

fuck the small shield.

2017-04-03 19:27:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

far right is best one.

2017-04-03 19:27:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Except made of playwood.

2017-04-03 19:28:58 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You put the shield on the ground though. You just have to carry it for a time.

2017-04-03 21:06:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

So when are we going to dig up Mao and take his skeleton to a movie?

2017-04-03 21:06:59 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Black fucking teeth and all.

2017-04-03 21:07:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

So you don't like cruel pranks on China?

2017-04-03 21:08:07 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Nevermind I'm sure it's punishable by death in China.

2017-04-03 21:08:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

They lock up people and give them shock therapy for using the internet.

2017-04-03 22:44:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Just read into "it's going down" these people don't seem like much of a threat.

2017-04-03 22:45:48 UTC [Anticom #general]  

"guise let's interupt a meeting of trump supporters" like this is the most ineffective shit. They only galzanize us.

2017-04-03 22:49:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Holy shit how long have these guys been around?

2017-04-03 22:49:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I get the feeling I would have come up a more effective strategy than protest. Protest doesn't really do shit in this day and age it seems.

2017-04-03 22:53:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I have no mic though. What's the point?

2017-04-03 22:53:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-03 22:54:18 UTC [Anticom #general]  

no I meant I can't use a mic. The only other thing I can do is listen.

2017-04-03 22:55:03 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Sorry was afk.

2017-04-03 22:55:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

OK so... what?

2017-04-03 22:56:30 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-03 22:57:11 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Like a voice stress analysis test.

2017-04-03 22:57:47 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Unfortunately I have no mic.

2017-04-03 22:58:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What app?

2017-04-03 22:58:40 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I didn't catch that last part.

2017-04-03 22:59:05 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-03 22:59:45 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Is this only for phones?

2017-04-03 23:00:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I wasn't expecting a voice test like ever.

2017-04-03 23:00:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

How is this supposed to work on a desktop?

2017-04-03 23:01:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I don't have a cell phone anymore.

2017-04-03 23:01:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-03 23:01:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I stay at home and collect disability.

2017-04-03 23:01:47 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I have a home phone.

2017-04-03 23:02:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Should I just call you? can someone pm me a number?

2017-04-03 23:02:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Right... Not like you can make a throw away.

2017-04-03 23:03:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I guess I should be commie I collect a socialist benefit.

2017-04-03 23:03:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Can Nonon or skeleton jelly vouche for me? I know them.

2017-04-03 23:11:17 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Well here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to submit reports to a higher member of your choice. Until I get a mic.

2017-04-03 23:11:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm going to get one.

2017-04-03 23:12:37 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You guys do realize you have a permanent link that's the first result on google right?

2017-04-03 23:16:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You guys screwed up. Leaving a permanent link on 4chan.

2017-04-03 23:16:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Well on archive.

2017-04-03 23:42:47 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Man I could sit around and debate communists for the rest of my life. Antifa clearly has a problem with authoritarian ideologies. They are clearly have delusions about what communism is.

2017-04-03 23:44:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I wish I could just argue with these people and change their focus. However they are not rational if they claim to be anti-authoritarian and support large government.

2017-04-03 23:46:28 UTC [Anticom #general]  

There are reasons that authoritian left makes more sense than authoritarian right. Large goverments tend to grab more power for themselves. So large government is what defines the left. In reality the only two governments that would see thanks to the nature of state power is left authoritarian and right libertarian.

2017-04-03 23:47:17 UTC [Anticom #general]  

All countries on the right are more libertarian without a cultural component.

2017-04-03 23:47:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  

There can be authoritarian culture.

2017-04-03 23:48:26 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Religion is authoritarian culture in essence.

2017-04-03 23:51:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

But do you see what I'm saying? A large government is set to be authoritarian because eventually there are no measures in place to stop a large government from getting even more power over the people.

2017-04-03 23:52:39 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It comes with an often fairly strict moral code so yes.

2017-04-03 23:53:05 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The largest do however.

2017-04-03 23:54:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That's exactly why all those witches got burnt to death. Remember christianity used to own the state. Being ex-communicated by the pope was a death sentence in most cases.

2017-04-03 23:55:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You don't think Buddhist ever faught to fuck over other religions? Try tibet murdering a bunch of missionaries from Europe.

2017-04-03 23:56:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

How about the modern day then. Buddhists fighting Islam in... I forgot the country but the head monk is a meme.

2017-04-03 23:57:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Exactly that's why we learned to seperate our church and state in the west.

2017-04-03 23:58:37 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm just arguing against things you stated.

2017-04-03 23:58:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Exactly the point I was going to make.

2017-04-03 23:59:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm just summarizing what I learned to an audience maybe.

2017-04-03 23:59:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I have no idea I take crazy pills.

2017-04-04 00:00:14 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What an asset I would be. I can't even guess my next move. How would anyone else.

2017-04-04 00:02:03 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It helps me think and formulate my thoughts. I need some critisism so I can learn more.

2017-04-04 00:04:20 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Perhaps you would be more aware of the history of religions if I told you they are doomed to repeat the mistakes their religion made in the past.

2017-04-04 00:04:41 UTC [Anticom #general]  

If it had anything to do with human nature.

2017-04-04 00:05:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

So different genetics different eventual outcome. I agree anyway.

2017-04-04 00:05:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Islam has returned to it's roots.

2017-04-04 00:06:19 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Islam returned to what it was doing hundreds of years ago almost.

2017-04-04 00:06:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Yeah in their golden age they tried to conquer the earth.

2017-04-04 00:07:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It's worse this time though.

2017-04-04 00:07:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Than hundreds of years ago.

2017-04-04 00:08:17 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It's not a nation attacking but private citizens hiding in a nation.

2017-04-04 00:08:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That's far worse long term.

2017-04-04 00:11:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

They screwed up though. It should have just been land owners that get to vote.

2017-04-04 00:12:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  

If you let everyone vote you get communism.

2017-04-04 00:12:09 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Or socialism.

2017-04-04 00:12:18 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Really you do.

2017-04-04 00:14:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Imagine there are 100 people. 10 are rich 30 are middle class and 60 are poor as fuck. What do you think they vote for? Socialism to feed the poor or tax cuts to help the rich?

2017-04-04 21:03:19 UTC [Anticom #general]  

BLM philly just banned white people.

2017-04-04 23:49:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm currently looking into a free course from harvard. They set up a "resist trump" course. So I plan to fully use it's lessons against leftists.

2017-04-06 01:22:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Infiltrating liberal forum... Seems there are no open commies here.

2017-04-06 01:25:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I don't think I'm going to buy a mic.

2017-04-06 01:25:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Can I just stay here unvetted. I like the memes.

2017-04-06 01:26:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I will however submit reports on antifa and possible solutions.

2017-04-06 01:26:40 UTC [Anticom #general]  

just advise and sheit.

2017-04-06 01:27:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The very real problem is msm has propaganda in it. This is what fuels left wing extremism.

2017-04-06 01:28:22 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The most biased reporting I've ever seen about trump has come from msm.

2017-04-06 01:29:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm not sure Trudeau even said the original quote.

2017-04-06 01:29:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

"If you kill your enemies they win" was actually possible propaganda.

2017-04-06 01:30:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

He wouldn't know a false flag if it was stuck in his rear.

2017-04-06 01:31:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

He has to buy into the mainstream narrative.

2017-04-06 01:31:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Image if the CIA was feeding you flase info. How would you be sure?

2017-04-06 01:32:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Trudeau is a fucking commie though.

2017-04-06 01:32:41 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Authoritarian left wing all the way.

2017-04-06 01:33:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Pushing shit through the goverment like M-108

2017-04-06 01:33:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Refusing to answer questions.

2017-04-06 01:33:59 UTC [Anticom #general]  

His political agenda is sjw to put it mildly.

2017-04-06 01:44:24 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Nuke the israel, it nukes you back. "What are you talking about goy we don't have nukes" fucking sneaky kikes.

2017-04-06 01:47:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm sure one of my ancestors was an actual crusader. My father's side of the family was a clan of french knights.

2017-04-06 01:47:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-06 01:48:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-06 01:49:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That could also be a mailed hand.

2017-04-06 01:50:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  

They used to sometimes wear chain mail on their hands.

2017-04-06 01:53:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I just learned I'm related to some spanish people in the distant past.

2017-04-06 01:56:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I dunno every time I search my last name I come up with a few new historical figures I didn't know about.

2017-04-06 02:05:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Like anarcho authoritarianism makes any sense at all. You would think if there's all that power centralized on the government someone would try to take it by any means neccessary.

2017-04-06 02:05:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It would collapse into dictatorship.

2017-04-06 02:05:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  

They're not very bright?

2017-04-06 02:07:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The thing with anarcho-anything is that people have a natural drive to seize power. If that is not channeled for the good all hell breaks loose.

2017-04-06 02:08:16 UTC [Anticom #general]  

People kill each other for power over the state.

2017-04-06 02:08:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Look at ancient monarchy. People killed their own siblings to seize power.

2017-04-06 02:09:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What are some people compared to very close family?

2017-04-06 02:09:48 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-06 02:10:41 UTC [Anticom #general]  

They are just racking up lessons for the future people.

2017-04-06 02:10:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That's the only good thing about it.

2017-04-06 02:13:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I figure that once communism stacks the bodies high enough people will begin to realise it's a failed system.

2017-04-06 02:19:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I feel bad for the left wing libertarians who don't realise their view of governement is unrealistic.

2017-04-06 02:20:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You can't give the government tons of power. Then expect you'll be a very free person.

2017-04-06 02:20:53 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Left wing anything is bad. Governments are responsible for more death than anything else in history.

2017-04-06 02:25:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

He hasn't he's ready to declare war on Syria from what I heard.

2017-04-06 02:26:20 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Holy shit. We're going to start a world war.

2017-04-06 02:26:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Israel attacks Syria. Nothing said.

2017-04-06 02:27:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

People tend to move in the direction they announced they would.

2017-04-06 02:29:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Korea has the smallest dicks in the world. I wouldn't be surprised if they were compensating for something.

2017-04-06 02:30:03 UTC [Anticom #general]  

No wonder he's fat. Except for the hookers that's a surprise.

2017-04-06 02:34:14 UTC [Anticom #general]  

They could however develop them. They have the economy now.

2017-04-06 02:34:39 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Economic strength is also military strength.

2017-04-06 02:35:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Like Israel grabbing land in Syria for example?

2017-04-06 02:37:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

They attacked Syria government installations. Some speculate this is for a land grab.

2017-04-06 02:39:26 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Oh not government targets from what the israelis knew. However Syria and Russia reacted to it.

2017-04-06 02:41:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I believe I read an article where someone said it was a declaration of war.

2017-04-06 02:41:37 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Fucking shitty journalism.

2017-04-06 02:48:06 UTC [Anticom #general]  

There are examples of war without the approval of congress.

2017-04-06 02:49:30 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Read the very end. Congress is a joke.

2017-04-06 02:49:56 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Not since ww2 has a war been approved by congress.

2017-04-06 19:32:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

tfw leftists can only come up with brainless chants without realising this affirms they are actually a cult

2017-04-07 01:19:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

tfw just woke up

2017-04-07 01:19:48 UTC [Anticom #general]  

to the end of the world

2017-04-07 01:24:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

it might be fake

Wait a minute... The UK law protects religions from discrimination. What if we made Nazism a religion?

Would that count at all? No one could legally criticize you.

Or we could make any ideology a religion really.

What do you guys think of a NPO that tries to raise the genetic IQ of Africans?

Some experts say IQ may be as much as 80% genetic.

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