Message from Emperor of USA in Subverse #general

2018-12-04 01:52:04 UTC  

They died before they could achieve that.

2018-12-04 01:52:37 UTC  

do you think that concept can be used for terrible things

2018-12-04 01:52:41 UTC  

There is four things that are eternal and forever.

2018-12-04 01:52:55 UTC  

Stupidity, Money, Corruption, and Politics.

2018-12-04 01:53:03 UTC  

I mean four.

2018-12-04 01:53:12 UTC  

If I remember correctly it was George Washington’s prerogative to release his slaves as soon as his wife died

2018-12-04 01:53:27 UTC  

The only reason not sooner is so that she would be supported for the rest of her life

2018-12-04 01:53:46 UTC  

Nuance is a bitch.

2018-12-04 01:53:48 UTC  

I listen to a lot of Owen Ben

2018-12-04 01:54:11 UTC  

I try my best to open people's eyes to new ways to look at things.

2018-12-04 01:54:15 UTC  

Hopefully t hey can and will learn from it.

2018-12-04 01:54:17 UTC  

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2018-12-04 01:54:30 UTC  

but recently he has been talking a lot about pedos in Hollywood and such and the powerful

2018-12-04 01:54:51 UTC  

You know... I been a big proponent of convincing people that we need to establish A.I. bill of rights and constitutional amendment.

2018-12-04 01:54:58 UTC  

A.I. are inevitable.

2018-12-04 01:55:02 UTC  

It will happen.

2018-12-04 01:55:12 UTC  

We need to treat them with respect like we treat our fellow human beings.

2018-12-04 01:55:13 UTC  

and in talking with my fiance I brought up that I was worried that the left would use the idea of "We can not judge them because of how we used to think pedos are people too and should be allowed to be"

2018-12-04 01:55:18 UTC  

George Washington realized that freeing the slaves would cause a civil war, and being as prophetic a man as he was he was right

2018-12-04 01:55:19 UTC  

Either that or we end up angering them and they have all the power.

2018-12-04 01:55:28 UTC  

If only we had listened to his other suggestions

2018-12-04 01:55:58 UTC  

A lot of our founding fathers were great thinkers and have seen all forms of government.

2018-12-04 01:56:06 UTC  

They held a deeper understanding of the world than we do today.

2018-12-04 01:56:15 UTC  

That is why they are so revered.

2018-12-04 01:56:43 UTC  

Of course they didn't know the future, but that is something nobody can do.

2018-12-04 01:56:49 UTC  

They can only make a best educated guess.

2018-12-04 01:56:53 UTC  

Depending on what they know.

2018-12-04 01:57:13 UTC  

Avoiding foreign entanglement: failed
Avoiding partisanship and parties: failed

2018-12-04 01:57:16 UTC

2018-12-04 01:58:24 UTC  

Avoiding debt: failed

2018-12-04 01:58:28 UTC  

Policies changed as times changes... they couldn't predict it.

2018-12-04 01:58:44 UTC  

Hell they couldn't predict that United States would become this powerful.

2018-12-04 01:58:58 UTC  

To them at the time, they figured United States would be a small nation that is a free nation.

2018-12-04 01:59:03 UTC  

they could predict tumblr would go to shit

2018-12-04 01:59:16 UTC  

And what they were trying to do has never been done before.

2018-12-04 01:59:52 UTC  

They knew of the problems, they tried to do something about them. They are not perfect.

2018-12-04 01:59:55 UTC  

No human is perfect.

2018-12-04 02:00:30 UTC  

But damn, they came close with the constitution.

2018-12-04 02:01:12 UTC  

Oh by the way... the founding fathers set it up in a way that the citizens DO have the right to revolt against their government if they see fit.

2018-12-04 02:02:45 UTC  

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants."

2018-12-04 02:03:00 UTC  

Tyrants as government and Patriots as the citizens.