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2019-01-05 15:53:57 UTC  

I never trusted her.

2019-01-05 15:54:03 UTC  

She's like a black Laci Green.

2019-01-05 15:54:10 UTC  

I haven't liked her since I seen her on Rubin.

2019-01-05 15:54:19 UTC  

*hey guys ironic black conservative huhuhuhuuh*

2019-01-05 15:54:22 UTC  

And on Rogan she was fairly awful as well.

2019-01-05 15:54:35 UTC  

She's fake.

2019-01-05 15:54:50 UTC  

I mean she couldn't explain why she didn't think climate change was a thing. It was ridiculous

2019-01-05 15:55:00 UTC  

Maybe that's why I trust the right more, you can smell bull shit easier on that side

2019-01-05 15:55:22 UTC  

with the left, it's this weird nihilistic competition of who can be the most morally pure person ever

2019-01-05 15:55:31 UTC  

usually on the right, if someone's a piece of shit, you know it right away

2019-01-05 15:56:20 UTC  

Yes, but all regressives are shit.

2019-01-05 15:56:25 UTC  


2019-01-05 15:57:22 UTC  

Idk right wing regressives are kinda funny lol

2019-01-05 15:57:32 UTC  

it's like hanging out with that stupid friend that just happens to make good jokes

2019-01-05 15:57:43 UTC  

but yeah politically, they're both cancer

2019-01-05 15:58:03 UTC  

Right wing regressive? You mean tradcons?

2019-01-05 15:58:07 UTC  

Like Weev lol

2019-01-05 15:58:15 UTC  

Weev's fucking hilarious man haha

2019-01-05 15:58:27 UTC  

I forgot what he was about.

2019-01-05 15:58:41 UTC  

He's a white supremacist

2019-01-05 15:58:47 UTC  

Orr uhh nationalist?

2019-01-05 15:59:00 UTC  


2019-01-05 15:59:08 UTC  

but he's a good dude.

2019-01-05 15:59:15 UTC  

just kinda insane

2019-01-05 16:00:59 UTC  

Show me on this doll where weev hurt your feelings.

2019-01-05 16:01:23 UTC  

"I believe that tweet was pretty fair, i believe that person was fat and their kid did have autism"

2019-01-05 16:01:25 UTC  


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2019-01-05 16:07:09 UTC  

@Dr.Wol what's that clip from, u know?

2019-01-05 16:08:18 UTC  

i'm so glad there's no porn anymore

2019-01-05 16:09:16 UTC  

porn sucks

2019-01-05 16:09:20 UTC  

and blows

2019-01-05 16:09:43 UTC  

i care for porn so little

2019-01-05 16:09:49 UTC  

you can stick it where the sun won't shine

2019-01-05 16:09:53 UTC  

the couple down the hall from me does porn on xhamster i think

2019-01-05 16:10:01 UTC  

they make a few hundred a month

2019-01-05 16:10:25 UTC  

there's plenty of porn, if you aren't finding it you ain't looking.

2019-01-05 16:11:33 UTC  

```I never trusted her.
She's like a black Laci Green.```
Well, what do they ahve in common I wonder?

2019-01-05 16:11:51 UTC  

but isn't it that woman can change their taste in music, depending on the man they're with at the time?

2019-01-05 16:11:56 UTC  

or other stuff.