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I've come here to offer the Count some legal advice. The point of the joke was that nazism can come off really casually. Hitler was the most casual, unapologetic, habituous, obsessive anti-semite, which is the exactly what the joke seeks to ridicule. The object of the joke was Hitlerism and anti-semitism, because in Hitler's ideal world, every dog would seig heil and long for J-ish destruction. We must be able to ridicule evil ideas, so people can more easily identify these ideas as such. The Idea of casual anti-semitism is offensive, so we should be able to ridicule.
Secondly, anyone can recognize the joke of a clown dancing on a cliff. He won't fall and die, though he might pretend to, as a joke. Meechum's joke dances on the line between legal and illegal, which is a joke about political correctness. It is up to debate wether the clown 'should come off it' and stop making nasty jokes, but anyone can see that the clown is at least trying to be funny. It's only a clown.

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​I have botbanned that user. They will no longer be able to use my commands.

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Hey guys

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What happened? I went off for like two seconds

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People are retarded

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I found the stuff

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@† CA†HOLIC GIRL † > implying retards are people

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check nsfw

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+botban @Potato Man

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​I have botbanned that user. They will no longer be able to use my commands.

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dont spam people

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Yea, fucking spammers smh

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I found the delta rune porn

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Check <#418503954431868928>

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@Kork ? Who are you

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@Nora you're autistic

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it has existed for a while

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@EvanM23 correct

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There is already 103 posts

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@Nora u mom gae

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I haven't spammed, this shit's gotten crazy

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Rub my feet cuz i am a gamer girl

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kys cause youre a gamer girl

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>has a penis
>mfw would still fuck

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Press F for all the Shitposters lost the Great Legal Spam

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I'll need proof of that

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If your trans then why are you not in tranyslvania