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Lord Vader

2017-04-13 19:29:16 UTC  


2017-04-13 19:29:24 UTC  

no way to read codes w/o scanner on that model

2017-04-13 19:29:40 UTC  

you can get a cheap one on amazon

2017-04-13 19:29:45 UTC  

maybe even a bluetooth one

2017-04-13 19:31:21 UTC  

that would be the shit i'm sure I can look one up its just annoying as fuck and didnt wanna pay the mechanic out the ass to rip it apart esiecially not the beaner in my town he "fixed" my shifter with disasembling and reassembling the fucker instead of replacing the bearings

2017-04-13 19:31:28 UTC  

my surface just overheated from the sun

2017-04-13 19:31:44 UTC  

look into elm327 adapters

2017-04-13 19:32:03 UTC  

if you have windows pc with bluetooth i have some real expensive software i can send you to use w it

2017-04-13 19:32:23 UTC  

you can do a LOT with it but its not really bi-directional

2017-04-13 19:32:39 UTC  

u can read info and codes and data etc but the only commands you can send is clear codes

2017-04-13 19:33:07 UTC  

well thats about what I figured with a truck that old didnt expect to do any tuning

2017-04-13 19:34:06 UTC  

you cant do bidirectional for less than like 1k anyway

2017-04-13 19:34:30 UTC  

ive spent a lot of fucking time on this too

2017-04-13 19:35:01 UTC  

i didn't want to buy a big scanner but they force you to

2017-04-13 19:35:23 UTC  

yeah no doubt but yeah the adaptor is cheap enough and nothing to fancy for an old fuck like me to read and work with

2017-04-13 19:35:42 UTC  

i think the device is the cheap part and most of the expense is in liscensing the code from the manufacturers to communicate with all the different factory systems and checks

2017-04-13 19:36:07 UTC  

because updates are literally 700-1000$ for my scanner

2017-04-13 19:36:43 UTC  

i'm at 2014 so i'm ok for now but soon i'll have to do it

2017-04-13 19:37:05 UTC  

aint that a bitch the world of software as a service ...fuck that

2017-04-13 19:37:19 UTC  

its very fucking frustrating

2017-04-13 19:37:26 UTC  

and the updates are so fucking locked down

2017-04-13 19:37:41 UTC  

they have to come from a special snap-on computer in a locked box

2017-04-13 19:38:05 UTC  

that like recompiles the update for your specific scanner or some shit it takes like an hour

2017-04-13 19:38:19 UTC  

or you can send it out to california

2017-04-13 19:38:55 UTC  

that sucks a huge ass

2017-04-13 19:39:21 UTC  

nope just buy a nice old truck mid 60,s easy diagnostic then and tuning is a snap

2017-04-13 19:40:36 UTC  


2017-04-13 19:40:49 UTC  

when you actually have the equipment

2017-04-13 19:40:57 UTC  

new cars are pretty fucking eas

2017-04-13 19:41:17 UTC  

and it provides a barrier for entry against poor spic mechanics

2017-04-13 19:41:33 UTC  

they're everywhere out here for brake jobs for fucking 20$ and shit

2017-04-13 19:41:47 UTC  

but anything computer related they still have to come to me

2017-04-13 19:42:39 UTC  

makes sense really considering cars theses days are packing radar and shit

2017-04-13 19:49:05 UTC  

>hunting for Rid-X

2017-04-13 19:51:02 UTC  

got an EX to get rid of ...theres a dark web site for that

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