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2019-12-23 18:38:36 UTC  

hes your mirror

2019-12-23 18:38:41 UTC  

Why wouldnt it work

2019-12-23 18:38:59 UTC  

because the water would not stay in place

2019-12-23 18:39:01 UTC  

it wouldn't be level

2019-12-23 18:39:22 UTC  


2019-12-23 18:39:25 UTC  

Ah, say you have a bucket half full of water on one end of the stick, and a bucket completely full of water on the other end, and something in the middle so it can move up or down. Both sides have water of equal density yet the bucket with more water will fall and the other one will go up. What's up with that?

2019-12-23 18:39:43 UTC  

chad why were they stupid comments i genuinely believe in this

2019-12-23 18:40:10 UTC  

Earth spins very fast in space but their isn’t is no air to drag you off

2019-12-23 18:40:27 UTC  

@Jondar02 density changes with volume

2019-12-23 18:40:46 UTC  

Not really

2019-12-23 18:40:56 UTC  

@Jondar02 only if there is a constant mass

2019-12-23 18:41:02 UTC  

the bucket which is full is more dense therefore is more inclined to go to the ground

2019-12-23 18:41:06 UTC  

Density: rho = kg/m^3. More volume, means more mass but same rho

2019-12-23 18:41:13 UTC  

fake equation

2019-12-23 18:41:18 UTC  

Density of liquid water is constant

2019-12-23 18:41:36 UTC  

It's the definition of density @ProgrammerVerbatim, no equation

2019-12-23 18:41:42 UTC  


2019-12-23 18:42:02 UTC  

ok that is a valid point to be fair

2019-12-23 18:42:15 UTC  

but still doesnt prove gravity

2019-12-23 18:42:40 UTC  

with a few tweaks in the density model im sure it would work again

2019-12-23 18:42:41 UTC  

So gravity is still consistent

2019-12-23 18:42:42 UTC  

unlike gravity

2019-12-23 18:43:53 UTC  

Stop using gravity in your argument as like I said we dont know much about it

2019-12-23 18:44:07 UTC  

gravity is fake

2019-12-23 18:44:10 UTC  

We know how it behaves

2019-12-23 18:44:27 UTC  

(most of the time)

2019-12-23 18:44:44 UTC  

Unless, high mass, low mass, high velocity, heat, cold

2019-12-23 18:44:49 UTC  

Yes but we don’t know it’s force carrier the graviton works

2019-12-23 18:45:04 UTC  

It works fine with our solar system and that’s all we need for the debate

2019-12-23 18:45:11 UTC  

That's true

2019-12-23 18:45:41 UTC  

No need for relativity

2019-12-23 18:45:46 UTC  

Saying "it's density" doesn't debunk gravity

2019-12-23 18:46:07 UTC  

Especially since density relies on gravity

2019-12-23 18:46:07 UTC  

gravity doesn't exist its just in somethings nature to fall

2019-12-23 18:46:14 UTC  

density is a partial proof for it

2019-12-23 18:46:19 UTC  

And density won’t describe the movement of objets

2019-12-23 18:46:24 UTC  

But gravity does

2019-12-23 18:46:29 UTC  

@liks what do you think of gravity predicting the planet vulcun?

2019-12-23 18:46:42 UTC  

Like, density will not give you a vector

2019-12-23 18:46:56 UTC  

Dont know about it

2019-12-23 18:46:56 UTC  

So gravity doesn’t exist @ProgrammerVerbatim