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2017-04-29 08:05:24 UTC  

and thats a good thing then

2017-04-29 08:05:59 UTC  

being a boots on ground force ready to respond is the idea back twenty years ago it would be private militia men acting as door guards and gate keepers

2017-04-29 08:06:16 UTC  

our cops are also nuts

2017-04-29 08:06:18 UTC  

that soros faggots old as fuck he,ll pull a rothschild soon enough and die of oldness lol

2017-04-29 08:06:20 UTC  

goodnight nigs

2017-04-29 08:06:25 UTC  

make sure u gas the faggots

2017-04-29 08:06:25 UTC  

night faggot

2017-04-29 08:07:17 UTC  

yes putin.... putin will ass fuck him proprly

2017-04-29 08:07:25 UTC  

ill telll you

2017-04-29 08:07:27 UTC  


2017-04-29 08:07:34 UTC  

we rushed antifa

2017-04-29 08:07:38 UTC  


2017-04-29 08:07:46 UTC  

holy shit they ran

2017-04-29 08:07:57 UTC  

we got a few of them

2017-04-29 08:08:05 UTC  

and we just pinned them

2017-04-29 08:08:20 UTC  

it could have been a beat down

2017-04-29 08:08:26 UTC  

about 4 of them

2017-04-29 08:08:37 UTC  

we all circled them

2017-04-29 08:08:42 UTC  

our captures

2017-04-29 08:08:51 UTC  

gets my blood pumpin, why do i not get happenings around here

2017-04-29 08:09:10 UTC  

texas is boring no happenings here of note

2017-04-29 08:09:40 UTC  

I mean the police shootings a while back but even then we were lined up with the cops and pushing nigs onto buses to clear downtown

2017-04-29 08:09:48 UTC  

I live in new jersey- enemy territory

2017-04-29 08:09:54 UTC  

less of a happening an mor of an assisted police action

2017-04-29 08:10:07 UTC  

like taking out the garbage after a really loud party

2017-04-29 08:10:31 UTC  

it's a cesspit of (((diversity)))

2017-04-29 08:10:47 UTC  

mobilize and act as one

2017-04-29 08:10:51 UTC  

what county you in