Message from Renaar in 4th Reich #general

2017-06-14 05:58:40 UTC  

You know that isn't true

2017-06-14 05:58:55 UTC  

it actually is though

2017-06-14 05:59:06 UTC  

It is true you stupid civic nationalist

2017-06-14 05:59:15 UTC  

It isn't true that I would be happy watching my race die out I mean

2017-06-14 05:59:18 UTC  

we can move around some people

2017-06-14 05:59:20 UTC  

Yes it is

2017-06-14 05:59:26 UTC  

create a black ethno state in the south

2017-06-14 05:59:29 UTC  

That's why you stay with jewish idealism

2017-06-14 05:59:30 UTC  

like malcom x wanted

2017-06-14 05:59:37 UTC  

we just need to reverse 1965

2017-06-14 06:00:01 UTC  

Bro, how you gonna get through to me if you create motive and think I'm like that

2017-06-14 06:00:31 UTC  

I dont think you are like that. I know you are to pussy for real life.

2017-06-14 06:00:36 UTC  


2017-06-14 06:00:38 UTC  

u two

2017-06-14 06:00:41 UTC  

get fucking married

2017-06-14 06:00:46 UTC  

I will be at wedding

2017-06-14 06:00:52 UTC  

give camera for honeymoon

2017-06-14 06:00:55 UTC  

as wedding present

2017-06-14 06:01:06 UTC  

If kissing the bride means a bullet in his head sure

2017-06-14 06:01:24 UTC  

u bring gun I can film I guess?

2017-06-14 06:01:26 UTC  

No shit things would be easier if the opposition disappeared, but that doesn't mean it's right to judge an entire population on the basis of skin color alone

2017-06-14 06:01:27 UTC  

Ill fuck his mother on his corpse and kill the father later hahahhaa

2017-06-14 06:01:50 UTC  

@Renaar it actually is though

2017-06-14 06:02:02 UTC  

89% of black women voted for hillary

2017-06-14 06:02:05 UTC  


2017-06-14 06:02:10 UTC  


2017-06-14 06:02:10 UTC  

*internal restraint intensifies*

2017-06-14 06:02:36 UTC  


2017-06-14 06:02:48 UTC  

And YES. Sadly it is EXACTLY what we need to do for our future sons. We will carry this fucked up history. So THEY can grow up innocent and ignorant of the destruction of our race.

2017-06-14 06:02:56 UTC  


2017-06-14 06:03:21 UTC  

I feel as though we made some progress

2017-06-14 06:03:25 UTC  

so this was good

2017-06-14 06:03:33 UTC  


2017-06-14 06:04:08 UTC  

You succeeded in calling me names but not persuading me to your side on full nazism

2017-06-14 06:04:20 UTC  

These fucks will fight and riot and start killing our people the moment we even mention deportations. They riot over police killing a nigger with a gun. How the fuck do you think we will take the country back? With sunshine and wishes? Magic pony power? Stop being a child

2017-06-14 06:04:31 UTC  

@Renaar watch the two videos I sent u when u get chance

2017-06-14 06:04:45 UTC  

I'll watch later when I can

2017-06-14 06:04:52 UTC  

and at this point I would be content with convincing u against civic nationalism

2017-06-14 06:05:04 UTC  

srsly we are at square 1 here

2017-06-14 06:05:14 UTC  

And nice personal insults

2017-06-14 06:05:25 UTC  

how are u redpilled?