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@🅱arD I can only imagine how things are going to turn out one they occupy al-raqqah

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Hopefully there can be peace soon. Although with middle eastern politics (Islamic) the way they are...

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I really should get back to my speach

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Islamic state is falling apart fast and SAA and iraqi armies are on high morale and are beating them back fast.

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Although if anyone here knows anything interesting about Haiti (other than the Clinton foundation, I don't think I can talk about that) I would appreciate material.

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So much for their caliphate.

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Literally they lost most of the land surrounding palmyra in less than a week

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Al-raqqah's seige is starting up and will probably turn into another mosul situation unless russia or the US bombs the fuck out of it like what happened in aleppo

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HOPEFULLY once it ends all the guns and funds that Obama and Hillary and the CIA pumped into the region won't be in the hands of Muslim extremist.

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although we all know the chances of that happening are slim.

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They will probably go to IS who when evacuating from syria will set up cells in places like central africa and afghanistan and restart operations

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really gtg, talk to you guys later.

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Truthfully they will never get to the extent like they did in 2014 and will eventually be either absorbed by something like al-qaeda or will be destroyed.

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@🅱arD See ya.

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Sweden cuckery now = 5000%

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The only way for ISIS to "win" would be to gain international recognition as a state, and that will never happen. So, we'll just bomb and encroach them into oblivion.

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Good luck with that.

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Who was the dumb faggot who posted "anticom assemble" on 8chan

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I don't go to 8chan pol, it is the diet version of pol.

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Think you mean the other way around newfag

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Cuckchanner :^)

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@gabe_brouse delet this

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8chan pol is worse pol

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>Blue roman armor

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>roman armor

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sorry your autistic power level is too low to post there

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>Not the armor of mighty crusaders

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>Rome wasn't based