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I'm not a huge fan of alcahol either. Family reasons >.> Not old enough to drink as i'm just 18, but even if i were old enough i wouldn't drink much

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My vice is Nesquik chocolate milk

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Nesquik chocolate milk holy shit

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Memory trip

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It is a back country wanderer’s worst nightmare; arriving at a remote trailhead to find yourself accosted by two growling, snarling off-leash dogs, and then their owner, who threatens to kill you for having taken action to deter the approaching canines.

That’s what retired Arizona teacher Harold Fish told investigators in May 2004 at the end of a dayhike in the Coconino National Forest that put him in a deadly confrontation with a man named Grant Kuenzli. Fish said he yelled a warning to Kuenzli to call off the dogs—a warning apparently ignored—then drew his 10mm Kimber semiautomatic pistol and fired one round into the ground when the dogs were about seven feet from him. The dogs split up, one to each side of Fish.

...evidence from the crime scene – including footprints and the Victim’s wounds – corroborated Defendant’s story that the Victim moved quickly from high ground, that the Victim’s arms were raised, and that Defendant did not shoot until the Victim was very close; and the testimony of at least eight witnesses that the Victim frequently became violent and aggressive corroborated Defendant’s account of the Victim’s behavior.

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I ain't reading all that shit, nigga

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where's the 12 ga ones

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In other words LARPing ammo

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The same faggots who think the KRISS Vector is great use that ammo

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Lol if someone attacks me or breaks into my house i want to give them something to remember

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I just use 9mm 5x fed permium hst on top of 12x alum case fmjs

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I'm away off for a bit, I'll catch you guys later

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Casimir brought up a good idea earlier. We should start adopting ancient Roman imagery. It's much more palatable to normies, and is still in line with our nationalistic/anti-degenerate stance.

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Yeah federal makes nice ammo, in my 45 I run 230 gr hollow points in a nickel casing by federal

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Think of Augustus, who outlawed sodomy.

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I'm going to turn 21 in a year, what firearms would you suggest I purchase? I was thinking an HK USP for my first pistol or a Kimber 1911

2017-02-04 03:26:17 UTC  

Saving up for a Springfield M1A

2017-02-04 03:27:13 UTC  

This kills the Dacian

2017-02-04 03:27:17 UTC  

Kimber is overpriced. 1911s are nice but Kimber? I'll pass. I'd rather have a stainless R1 and a standard ATI than 1 Kimber. @kingbobo

2017-02-04 03:27:27 UTC  

Cz makes great used pistols the Cz 75 is one of the best guns out there. Springfield xd and smith and Wesson mp 45 are good

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I'm back for a bit

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Ruger american pistol in 9mm or 45acp

2017-02-04 03:27:52 UTC  

I have a Kimber and it's alright it's super light but jammed a lot but that's life with 1911

2017-02-04 03:27:56 UTC  

Cheap andrugged

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Yeah I've seen prices for Springfield but in the end it's worth it

2017-02-04 03:28:02 UTC  

Right, Roman imagery is peak

2017-02-04 03:28:05 UTC  

Reliability and quality

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Instead of seig heil? Ave

2017-02-04 03:28:39 UTC  

Ave nex alea

2017-02-04 03:28:45 UTC  

Let's not go with religious anything, we'd be grouped with Catholic extremists

2017-02-04 03:28:50 UTC  

Ave Trump