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2017-03-21 01:30:14 UTC  

reach out to them now

2017-03-21 01:30:19 UTC  

they may be reverting back to moly videos

2017-03-21 01:30:25 UTC  

friends dont let friends eat bluepills

2017-03-21 01:30:26 UTC

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2017-03-21 01:30:54 UTC  

id rather a friend addicted to ftn than one who has installed windows 10 multiple times in the past 24h

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2017-03-21 01:31:14 UTC  

>not having already converted them to The Reactionary Report

2017-03-21 01:31:22 UTC  

>that's called being a shitty friend

2017-03-21 01:31:38 UTC  

friends dont let friends browse /g/

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2017-03-21 01:33:35 UTC  

is reactionary report good?

2017-03-21 01:33:39 UTC  

also is third rail good

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2017-03-21 01:33:42 UTC  

also is the new one good

2017-03-21 01:33:48 UTC  

the europa something

2017-03-21 01:34:11 UTC  

Reactionary report is pretty good

2017-03-21 01:34:15 UTC  

nothing can top ftn tho

2017-03-21 01:35:55 UTC  

will you answer the call?

2017-03-21 01:36:30 UTC  

i will

2017-03-21 01:36:43 UTC  

Glorious Byzantium

2017-03-21 01:37:58 UTC  

Dude, Jew Goldstein had fucking top level OpSec and was only using his Twitter account on a burner phone

2017-03-21 01:38:11 UTC

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2017-03-21 01:38:19 UTC  

Apparently he stuck that simcard in an Apple phone at some point and that's how they got him

2017-03-21 01:38:21 UTC  

ladies and gentlemen

2017-03-21 01:38:22 UTC  

Yeah he donated to an epilepsy charity and Eichenwald traced him through that

2017-03-21 01:38:23 UTC  

i present you pagans

2017-03-21 01:38:27 UTC  

FBI was going hard

2017-03-21 01:38:44 UTC  

It wasn;'t through the charity as far as I know

2017-03-21 01:38:47 UTC  

The break came thanks to AT&T, which was supporting Tracfone’s SIM card. While AT&T didn’t have any directly identifying data, the company’s toll records showed that the SIM card had been used by an iPhone 6. That sent investigators looking for an iCloud account linked to the same number. After another search warrant to Apple, they got what they were looking for. According to the complaint, the number was linked to a five-year-old iCloud account owned by John Rivello of Salisbury, Maryland. A search of iMessages and photos in the account provided further evidence of Rivello’s interest in Eichenwald.

2017-03-21 01:39:06 UTC  

i have MASSIVE respect for Martin Luther

2017-03-21 01:39:09 UTC  

Here's the article on how the FBI found him

2017-03-21 01:39:10 UTC  

the moral is don't violate targeted harassment laws on twitter and brag about it in DMs thus erasing your plausible deniability.

2017-03-21 01:39:18 UTC  

this is why i dont even bother trying to hide

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2017-03-21 01:39:36 UTC  

they can find you if they really want to.

2017-03-21 01:39:42 UTC  

The FBI got warrants from Twitter and Apple and both gave them everything. Were looking through all his private messages

2017-03-21 01:39:43 UTC  

play stupid games win stupid prizes