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2018-12-10 10:48:35 UTC  

You can wrangle them through the system on sympathy, and they'll murder themselves cleanly and legally. You can even pretend it's the right thing to do.

2018-12-10 10:49:03 UTC  

It's a very seductive kind of thinking, and you'd need to take it into consideration

2018-12-10 10:50:07 UTC  

Definitely. Eugenics is like Communism. Good on paper until you read a history book.

2018-12-10 15:15:04 UTC  

Yes, this is very much in that kind of territory.

2018-12-10 20:13:48 UTC  

It’s not eugenics though, and I said I understood the concept of human error, but I do think people who are terminal or have something degenerative should be allowed to die with dignity, instead of knowing how much pain they have to go through and it is all futile since they will die in the end anyway

2018-12-10 21:21:47 UTC  

Well it’s a heavy topic that makes a lot of people uncomfortable that doesn’t have much to do with Men’s rights so I’ll stop xD

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@Abbysol Not the thing itself, I know. But it has potential to be used that way - and has been. My problem is not stopping futile pain, but the factor that it has huge potential for missuse. I'm not giving a hard no on it because I'm a fence sitter. My major worry is how it could be deployed to target the vulnerable. Most people campaigning for it know their own minds and could say no quite forcefully. A lot of people are easier to wear down - even very healthy ones.

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In any case

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Hey @everyone ! If you have a story for part two of Men Are Human's sexism at schools series, please feel free to post it in the <#512584940874104833> channel or send it in via the Contact Us page on the site. The deadline is fast approaching!

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If you want to see the original, here it is:

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How is everyone tonight?

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Looks like one of my articles is back on the sub! :) Thanks for posting it @goodmod

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It's a great article!

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You should post any original content that's relevant - and make sure to tell people about your site and Discord channel. So it would probably involve making a text post with links.

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well the more you post onto the reddit the more traffic you will get through your site which will make it more relevant that makes it easier to find on search algorithms

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I absolutely will. Thank you for your support @goodmod

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@Abbysol Hope so. In fact, I'm wondering if there are other subs that might listen? MGTOW is a possible one. Any others that might help?

2018-12-12 12:58:48 UTC  

TRP, even if it is quarantined

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You might be concerned about the type of people that would attract, but you have ultimate control of what you want people to be able to comment on the site

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Absolutely. I think I will let them know, provided what I see on their sub isn't bigoted.

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I haven’t had the best experiences with MGTOW personally but we can give them a go if you want

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It was a while ago now

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Were you the woman that went there and posted in MensRights that the sub was unwelcoming and hostile... I remember seeing that thread a while ago.

2018-12-12 21:07:11 UTC  

No, this was back when I was still in a Voice for Men

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Oh.. Anyway there was a post like that came up months ago.

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oh and she was playing the victim to

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I don’t doubt it, I know they want their space so just let them have it, there was a sub forum for MGTOW but as you could imagine it bled over onto the other threads so I just became done

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And yeah, statutory rape and incest, she seems like a great and well adjusted mother