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2019-03-21 12:28:17 UTC  

OK, the role server update is here!

From now on, Miki will take care of the role management.

Miki is only active in the <#556827889551802369> channel, and the whole NSFW area, but using the <#465441790846173195> channel is advised.

***Miki, our <@&542474349832175627> basics:***

There is this digital currency called ***Mekos***

2019-03-21 12:29:06 UTC  

-What are Mekos for?

Mekos are used to buy roles from Miki

-How do I get Mekos?

There are some ways of getting Mekos.

You can get daily Mekos doing *>daily*:

2019-03-21 12:29:38 UTC  

You can flip coins, gambling a certain amount:

2019-03-21 12:30:06 UTC  

The command is *>flip Numberofmekos headsortails*

There are other games with Miki, do *>help* if you want to know more.

-How do i know how many Mekos I have?

You can do >profile or >mekos

2019-03-21 12:30:37 UTC  

-Ok, but how do i get the roles?

First, here is a list of some of the roles Miki sells and their effects:

***Effect Roles***
Pure - 50m [You lose access to all the nsfw channels with nudity]
Out - 150m [access to <#567738305190428731>] Recommended by Country Doggo's
Kommando - 110m [access to <#558011722045194271> and <#558011697525161984>]
Pol - 150m [access to <#558010645568684032>]
X-files -150m [access to <#558063471133065226>]
Fit - 150m [access to <#510286783133646858>]
No furry shit - 100m [You lose access to <#489001289175531522> and <#555547449628819466>]
Cult of doggo - 0m [access to <#568483906266071040>]

Donors get instant access to all these channels

***Location Roles***
Amerifat - 400m
Trudeau's Whore - 400m
Aussie - 400m
Britbong - 400m

***Activity Roles***
Vanguards - 10000 (Requires NEETo Burrito)
NEETo Burrito - 1500 (Requires Cool Dudes)
Cool Dudes - 1000 (Requires Approved™ Lads)
Approved™ Lads - 500

***Other Roles***
VC Hero - 20000

You can get the list of avaliable roles with *>iamlist*

2019-03-21 12:31:17 UTC  

-How do I buy these roles?

You do the command *>iam exactnameoftherole*:

2019-03-21 12:31:29 UTC  

Thank you for your attention! Leave your <#509091070911578122> !

NOTE: AREA ROLES ARE 1 PER PERSON, if you get more then one mod will remove them.

2019-04-20 10:31:08 UTC  

>iam faggot

2019-04-20 10:31:23 UTC  

Doesn't work

2019-07-03 14:28:10 UTC  

New role! <@&595967127002021910> is a role that is above vanguards.

-Access to <#595981376638025728> where you can make your voice heard directly from the mods, vote on new server stuff like events and updates.
-Edit and create Emojis

How do I get that role?
Be a VC Hero
Get a role called <@&595969456816259089> (Bestowed by a mod only on VC heroes and Ex Cleaners)
Be active
Buy it from MIKI (90k)