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@Leonidas Hello 👋 ☕

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Hey @Dina ❤️

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i do that

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get through loads of books that way

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CS Generator CIrcuit. Works Well.

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House Rules - As we have been growing a bunch lately, we need folks to please be a bit more aware of one another's space. A little bit of self awareness will go a long way. When there are like ten or fifteen or more folks in a room, there needs to be less pontification and/or mic hogging. Keep it to a sentence or two and let up on the button, so other folks can also have a chance to participate. - i.e.
Respect one another & the ebb & flow of the conversation - Listen First - Talk Briefly - Lurk Moar
Let's remember that no one really knows Jack Shit at the end of the day and if you THINK you do.... take it to I AM AN EXPERT AT EVERYTHING room

2019-12-04 13:14:42 UTC post discussion spread continues, I found this website by searching the file name of Post 3649 without .png on Gibiru search engine if anyone in this server is fluent in this language please expound and discuss any new items of research found thank you.🤓

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Trump live on above link

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@2pulo 🍯 Good mornin

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Brave Woman defends The Faith against the Luciferian Infiltrators who seek to destroy everything including The Word of God by ill virtue of thier own reprobate minds that they have been given over to through thie rown Sins.

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Good morning ☀️

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Good morning All can hardly hear have the heater rolling.

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Good Morning Searcher

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Those heaters get way hot, watch that power cord 😮

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