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2017-03-05 09:45:47 UTC  

Can't I just carry around crystals and Rocks to be put into a higher consciousness and vibration?

2017-03-05 09:45:54 UTC  

thats retarded

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That's the shit they did

2017-03-05 09:47:29 UTC  

crystals and magical items serve a purpose in the same way sticking a thumb tack in your feet does. it takes your focus away and directs it at another item. no real benefit until science can get a use out of it. protip there starting to

2017-03-05 09:47:47 UTC  

The only I gave a pass was an acupuncturist so she had the whole eastern medicine thing going

2017-03-05 09:48:12 UTC  

well thats probaly way more effective than carrying a charged crystal lol

2017-03-05 09:48:35 UTC  

work on mediating and start trusting your gut, you'll get by farther than anything else that you've heard from them

2017-03-05 09:48:45 UTC  

Lol duh

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also side note have you ever seen someones eyes in a dream ?

2017-03-05 09:49:16 UTC  

like you rember seeing there eyes in sharp contrast

2017-03-05 09:49:24 UTC  

Even if a woman has a better idea than me, I don't listen. It's the principle of it.

2017-03-05 09:49:26 UTC  

its the first thing you rember when waking up

2017-03-05 09:49:35 UTC  

Nah, I don't remember my dreams usually

2017-03-05 09:53:18 UTC  

well regardless ive worked on mediating ie de focusing my mind until im fully relaxed ect. then i lost focus thinking that id be pretty cool to see someone in my dream. like one would think of a place to visit for astral projection. well apparently based on telepathy i had enough will/focus enough to share a persons dream atleast in theme's with someone. and because of that i talked to the person and described it in full detail and we where pretty spot on themeing wise to having the same dream. also his girlfriend had a different bag when i first met her so i basicly guessed her new bag out due to the dream itself. and ive only seen her once. either way we shared a dream themeing wise about nasa. but minor shity story to throw a bone goal wise for mediating. which one would be astral projecting through mediating before sleep and wanting to visit a place

2017-03-05 09:55:55 UTC  

other than that i got beetle juice going for me where if someone really needs me ill come over from another building over and littearly say do you need me before they even begin to get up and start looking for me.prior to that i get tension behind my eyes and anxiety to move and i follow my GUT feeling on it. not impossible and more likely luck like most would say but my friends belive and i see since its more often than not

2017-03-05 09:57:28 UTC  

I understand the benefits on meditation from a physical aspect ie being able to take note of how your body feels with regard to injury and soreness etc. I use to do thai chi and quigong but neverever been able to tap into the brain waves and such.

2017-03-05 09:57:38 UTC  

dealing with parents who yell out your name constantly problay made me build up my gut feeling who knows. but i get anxious and think someone needs me or something might happen good or bad

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The 6 sense

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rituals like mediation are all individual based so no need to stick to any one method to achive the goal since mind mapulation is the goal

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well work on it but atleast please watch both videos and all of her youtube channels lessons. itll give good insite on it

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god dam women fucking shit up every time

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cant handle talking to women about it unless there absolutly serious which ive meet 3 who where. and it was ghosts and nothing else meme related

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Yeah I'll check em out when I've got some time

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also meme magic im first poster

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a few days later i got the urge to recheck amazon for the kek statue and bought 7 of them for my memeic purposes. i feel blessed

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Oy vey.

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shining my shekles goy please no oven today

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>41 mentions

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did a war break out?

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nah just memes

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I'm honestly surprised this is an actual organized group, I thought it was just a meme for the longest time

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hey, i have autism

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@TON Welcome

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on the JQ?

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@89467943785 with jews you,lose

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Is captain America /ourguy/?

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