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I was glancing at it while working. /fail

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No worries. I completely agree with you. Just that in this instance, the ESPN globalist race baiting pedofucks (ABC/Disney) have this listed as one of their top headlines. Connecting the dots they are trying to silence one of their slaves that has left their entertainment plantation and make sure no other slaves get motivated to leave either. It’s Alex Jones PayPal with shoes and it’s hanging a slave in front of the others so no one gets any ideas.

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Appreciate you looking Doom.

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Congratulations @legacy rant, you're now level 2.

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These people are disgusting.

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Congratulations @Doom1776, you're now level 7.

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we all know the real reason for the ban

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See yall tomorrow.

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Hello fam.

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@paulrevere113, hi! Tell me, what is his name?

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Ok all, I just got back from the Johnson City Trump Rally. It was great. First off, I saw a handful of people with Q shirts outside. They were not allowed in. Do not wear Q shirts. They won’t let you in unless it is off and you have a different shirt.
Next, the songs before the rally and my interpretation
We will rock you/We are the Champions-Queen that is obvious “we’re the f’in champions and we will rock your shit up.
November Rain-Guns N Roses I think it was about Republicans reigning supreme at the ballot box in November. Red wave.
2 Village People songs YMCA and Macho Man. Love for the LGBTQ community
Billie Jean-Micheal Jackson song about mistaken identity (Kavanaugh)
Hello-Lionel Ritchie “is it me (Trump) you’re looking for?”
Others too, but these jumped out at me.
I’ll think of others.

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I was with my twins, who are adorable, so when tv cameras come around, they make a bee line to my twins. So we are being interviewed and the group is saying they don’t believe Ford (my kids don’t know about all that, they are 7.) so I say boldly, “I think she looked like Amy Schumer in a wrinkle suit, I dare you to put that on tv.” Host said, oh we probably will use that. I signed the release and asked, what is this for (thinking it was a local thing). “Oh, we’re with Showtime, this is for Sunday’s show.” 👀😳😳🙂😌😁😂🤣😂🤣😅😆😃😎😬

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That's cool man. Thanks for the highlights @LaserTrain

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@LaserTrain haha, nice. but I lol'd at "signed the release" and then asked what it's for. should be the other way around 😛

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I know but I’m game for whatever. Lol

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Think I’ll get my life ruined over it? You guys will go fund me, right?

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Just kidding, I’m not a pussy. Lol.

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You're now back.

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more complicated than that

maybe freebsd will finally become the open sauce overlord

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i miss unfilter tbh

I like the way poudriere works, but managing building every package is crazy amount to do, but if you want to do source level patches like have an nginx server that doesn't freaking leak version info ever (like, really, why would someone ever need to know? honestly.... comeon...)

and then I upgraded and broke everything

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it was a podcast

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that jupiter broadcasting did

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i dont get it why are fags still posting in qca backup?