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@Cha0s remember this is the bitch who couldnt remember what the 14th amendment was

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@Doom1776 I love me some liberal cartoon porn. Rick and Morty has some creepy moments, like Morty getting raped by a Jellybean, but hey, whatever you enjoy. WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB

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@👑 King Futurama This was for Ron. He is drunk as fuck.

2018-10-07 04:11:40 UTC  

Oh for sure! I don’t know if she was off her meds when she vouched for a bi-partisan process, but again, I share that with all of my liberal friends as it’s good on Kavanaugh.

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Ferguson is a freak

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I have a question

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Who the hell owns this account?!

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@VOL that was brutal. I wanted showtime to win so bad but damn we saw some amazing stuff from the both of them!

2018-10-07 04:28:16 UTC  

LOL this should be interesting

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Here we go!!!

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Any ideas who the Democrat was that changed their vote?

2018-10-07 04:59:12 UTC  

@ᶜʳᶦᵗᵗᶻ I think it was a republican that changed their vote no?

2018-10-07 05:01:31 UTC  

from my understanding all Rep's voted yes, except two (who didnt vote no) - would then mean it was one of the Democrats Q was expecting a yes from (im assuming here).

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Congratulations @ᶜʳᶦᵗᵗᶻ, you're now level 6.

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Fuck that guy!!!!

2018-10-07 05:05:08 UTC  

Dem senator from W. VA who voted for Kavanaugh.

2018-10-07 05:05:28 UTC  

Joe Manchin III was a yes

2018-10-07 05:06:06 UTC  

i watched it live and someone had voted then changed their vote but I didn't hear clear enough who it was

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guessing someone is in big trouble with Q

2018-10-07 05:07:13 UTC  

@ᶜʳᶦᵗᵗᶻ Steve Daines was at his daughters wedding

2018-10-07 05:08:07 UTC  

Read an article earlier that Manchin is up for re-election this Nov and POTUS won by a land slide there so he has that to think about...

2018-10-07 05:09:02 UTC  

yeah - Murkowski voted 'present' to nullify that one (so from that im counting 2 yes's that Q would have expected) there's one 'no' vote that should have been a yes - Q wouldnt post a guess.

2018-10-07 05:10:57 UTC  

No - no votes from GOP.

2018-10-07 05:11:22 UTC  

btw - gratz on your new SC judge, from random UK person.

2018-10-07 05:12:08 UTC  

Fuck yeah!!! This is huge!

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Good luck on Brexit @ᶜʳᶦᵗᵗᶻ

2018-10-07 05:13:41 UTC  

Sry - make that two of the D's no votes that should have been 'yes's'

2018-10-07 05:14:10 UTC  

Appreciated, no chance of that though - we are the swamp.

2018-10-07 05:19:33 UTC  

Well that was exciting #conorkhabib

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Khabib is a Muslim Russian

2018-10-07 05:22:03 UTC  

Here’s his email:
[email protected]

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