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2018-10-13 07:12:27 UTC  

FULL INTVW 👉Watch "Brandon Straka, The Unsilent Minority | Roseanne Barr Interview" on YouTube

2018-10-13 11:25:35 UTC  

what next, she sues the backpack maker for making sexually assaulting backpacks

2018-10-13 11:26:02 UTC  

I thought it was sexual harassment if a sensitive part was touched, not assault

2018-10-13 11:26:13 UTC  

assault requires physical force

2018-10-13 11:26:26 UTC  

not "happened to brush your butt"

2018-10-13 11:29:14 UTC  

So, in the obviously videoshpped alternate universe, did Mary Shelly write Frankenstain? Is Rod Rosenstain a whitehat? Does Ben Stain still have all that money? When they drink beer from a stain, are they careful not to stein their shirts?

2018-10-13 11:29:16 UTC  

it's the usual '15mins of fame' bs

2018-10-13 11:29:42 UTC  

So much fucking cancer now

2018-10-13 11:30:05 UTC  

ok, i have to admit that book changing it's name from 1 room to the next was freaky

2018-10-13 11:30:08 UTC  

@jman, were you on WebMD recently or something?

2018-10-13 11:30:47 UTC  

coincidentally, yes

2018-10-13 11:30:55 UTC  

looking at heart valves though

Local rapist caught^

2018-10-13 11:32:34 UTC  

but first i would try to find a few books that did that, then confirm it's effects, do a chemical sampling of the pigments of the book where the name changes, then do a magnetic sampling of the book before, during and after to see if it's physically changing and can be detected by any other means than just visual inspection

2018-10-13 11:33:33 UTC  

@P o l i t e c h a l 8 7 yikes. that's a lot of gross stuff to do to kids

2018-10-13 11:34:21 UTC  

I like that forcible sodomy is on the books though

2018-10-13 11:34:47 UTC  

some states still have it as illegal sexual activity

2018-10-13 11:35:33 UTC  

they're mostly the ones that still outlaw gay marriage

2018-10-13 11:35:46 UTC  

@SirW00f sure, or just don't photoshop it for net-cancer from the first, and all would be well - Because it's Barenstein, and always has been, and if it's different sometimes, it's a regional, not dimensional issue.

2018-10-13 11:36:29 UTC  

im so glad im not a liberal that walls myself off from people I tend to dislike (lebron) nor am i a person that only listens to/shares positive content about people i do like. because kanye appropriately gets shade thrown at him in this link. but as a single parent, a father, a hip hop enthusiast, i really enjoyed this interview.

2018-10-13 11:36:40 UTC  

jman, i would want to confirm it scientifically

2018-10-13 11:36:58 UTC  

not libtard science of photoshop

2018-10-13 11:37:13 UTC  

it isnt real. the end

2018-10-13 11:37:21 UTC  

but it is a cool Photoshop

2018-10-13 11:37:57 UTC  

bout as cool as flat earthers and cancer IMO

2018-10-13 11:38:17 UTC  

the flat earth has cancer?

2018-10-13 11:38:18 UTC  

what kind?

2018-10-13 11:38:43 UTC  

multi-dimensional brain cancer

2018-10-13 11:38:55 UTC  

was joking around with a friend on another server about it, one person claimed their '3rd leg' was longer in one room of the house than the other, turns out it was the cold storage room...

2018-10-13 11:38:59 UTC  

right in the magnetic core

2018-10-13 11:42:57 UTC  

must have polarized the entire flat earth community @jman

2018-10-13 11:44:18 UTC  

all cancer, all the time

2018-10-13 11:44:21 UTC  

that doesn't go anywhere

2018-10-13 11:44:31 UTC  

invites links if you're wanting to give us proper cancer

2018-10-13 11:46:00 UTC  

no idea how to do that. flat earth discord channel. has like 3000 members

2018-10-13 11:48:45 UTC  

Keep that cancerous shit in their server!