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What’s with the Gen. Mattis and trump headlines? Why is media trying to emphasize this.

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Dude is based af

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@DEADRINGER trumps military cabinet wont be needed after the military tribunals are complete, gotta start making up excuses until then to lessen the blow to potus reputation.

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Thats one theory anyway

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@DEADRINGER, Probably trying to stir up doubt as usual. I'm sure we'll see another celeb backstab and more rhetoric before Nov 6. Can't wait to see that red wave.

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FBI drops 300+ pages on McCabe Probe -

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another one bites the dust I guess?

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Last night Bongino brings up Milton Friedman and his brilliance. I remembered this vid - it great

Ok, so I have been checking my Twitter shadowban after almost every tweet. Seems like I am completely fine and not shadowbanned, but as soon as I post on a Trump tweet thread or Media Matters thread I get shadowbanned within seconds. Like as soon as the tweet posts my Twitter stops loading correctly. The shadowban lasts from about 5 hours to 24 hours. Not sure what makes the difference. Twitter is scared shitless of Truth and its hilarious.

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any of you faglords awake yet?

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@7alon soon.......

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man that made me cringe hard seeing that vid of her talking about her parents eloping

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even if she was indian, it was still cringey af... and yeah she aint indian so cringe overload

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Hm.... insideranon....

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I thought that was debunked over and over?

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All black men in creepy satanic ritual dresses look the same.

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