Message from The woken child in Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿

2018-12-13 05:43:38 UTC  

your not saying the thing

2018-12-13 05:43:53 UTC  

enough money to buy ahrti merch

2018-12-13 05:43:55 UTC  

ugh. i cant have no fun on this server anymore

2018-12-13 05:44:14 UTC  

me neither

2018-12-13 05:44:15 UTC  

How old is the mgtow?

2018-12-13 05:44:18 UTC  

its your fault

2018-12-13 05:44:20 UTC  

@metan according to these study's ive read after like 75k a year the amount of happiness you get stops

2018-12-13 05:44:36 UTC  

how old is the mgtow? what do you mean by that

2018-12-13 05:44:47 UTC  

The movements

2018-12-13 05:45:05 UTC  

its not a movement

2018-12-13 05:45:10 UTC  

mgtow has existed forever

2018-12-13 05:45:15 UTC  

mra is a movement. mgtow is a philosophy

2018-12-13 05:45:32 UTC  

but idk how long the modern mgtow has existed

2018-12-13 05:45:32 UTC  

also yea what retarded name said. its been around for as long as society

2018-12-13 05:45:52 UTC  

modern mgtow i think really started in like the 50's with the confirmed bachelor lifestyle imo

2018-12-13 05:45:52 UTC  

So 5-10 years?

2018-12-13 05:46:03 UTC  

Z told me it was during Roman times also.

2018-12-13 05:46:11 UTC  


2018-12-13 05:46:14 UTC  


2018-12-13 05:46:14 UTC  

it was around durning then for sure.

2018-12-13 05:46:25 UTC  

No it's a reaction to every closing point to society.

2018-12-13 05:46:40 UTC  

@shadowlessnexus what if mgtow stop reproducing, won't that be problem?

2018-12-13 05:46:46 UTC  

not our problem

2018-12-13 05:46:47 UTC  

its probably more common around then

2018-12-13 05:46:54 UTC  

Its not our problem.

2018-12-13 05:46:55 UTC  

if society wants us to reproduce then give us something

2018-12-13 05:47:05 UTC  

I got booty.

2018-12-13 05:47:06 UTC  

who cares

2018-12-13 05:47:08 UTC  

sell it to me. i dont need you. you need me thats the stance i take

2018-12-13 05:47:16 UTC  

im gonna die before it has an effect

2018-12-13 05:47:17 UTC  

Well damn.

2018-12-13 05:47:25 UTC  

until they manage to d that. imma stay a loser virgin with my waifu

2018-12-13 05:47:28 UTC  

im perfectly fine

2018-12-13 05:47:40 UTC  

society can eat a dick

2018-12-13 05:47:51 UTC  

@shadowlessnexus but future society will have more subservient cucks who support feminism. Won't mgtow die out?

2018-12-13 05:47:52 UTC  

Your not virgin if you lose it to sex dall.

2018-12-13 05:48:13 UTC  

@metan if mgtow existed in ancient rome with no internet then mgtow aint going nowhere

2018-12-13 05:48:16 UTC  

sex dolls dont count

2018-12-13 05:48:32 UTC  

They can pop your cherry.

2018-12-13 05:48:37 UTC  

if sex dolls and sex toys count then im already "not a virgin"

2018-12-13 05:48:42 UTC  

Don't be a dallist.