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2019-07-26 01:02:06 UTC  

Construction sites are abandoned at night

2019-07-26 01:02:26 UTC  

So are most corporate office rooftops

2019-07-26 01:05:28 UTC  

I work the trades (modern feudal peasantry). And yeah, construction sites are abandoned by 8:00pm and unless it's commercial is probabaly unlocked.

2019-07-26 02:35:00 UTC  

As much as I’d totally explore more, I live in the suburbs with little being built anymore

2019-07-26 02:49:42 UTC  

Exploring woods > exploring decrepit remnants of failed capitalist ventures

2019-07-26 02:50:20 UTC  

Although it's inspiring to see crumbled buildings

2019-07-26 10:31:26 UTC  

Finding some old structure in the middle of the woods> everything

2019-07-26 10:33:16 UTC  

Making white babies in the huwhite fields?

2019-07-26 10:39:15 UTC  

Until you get minced by a combine :(

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Then you shoot the combine driver

2019-07-26 12:49:47 UTC  


2019-07-26 12:50:07 UTC  

Because he is a ZOG agent trying to stop whites breeding

2019-07-26 12:50:17 UTC  

That makes sense actually

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2019-07-26 21:49:18 UTC  

someone had to do it

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*open the download button in a new tab*

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whats this ?

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the image speaks for itself

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i've made this one too

2019-08-01 03:44:34 UTC  

^ The new Mr Bond

2019-08-01 03:44:57 UTC  

i love mr bond, got links if yall want

2019-08-01 03:45:39 UTC  

Here's all his music

2019-08-01 03:50:52 UTC  

Okay, question. Why do groups like American Identity movement (Re-branded Identity evropa), patriot front, and Vanguard fail in America, while their eurofag equivalents do so well. I ran with Identity Evropa for awhile. While they were huge and brought in tons of capital, they as well as the other organizations haven't been able to affect politics and organize into a strong organization as much as say generation identity.

2019-08-01 09:08:27 UTC  

@Don Macaroni Because mass movements just do not work in the USA.

2019-08-01 09:08:34 UTC  

That's why Mason wrote SIEGE after all.

2019-08-01 09:29:01 UTC  

Wrong nigga

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2019-08-01 09:31:30 UTC  

I think Discord is messing with me

2019-08-01 09:31:53 UTC  

@DV What's wrong about it though?