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2019-07-22 03:46:05 UTC [๐”‰inest of ๐”Žin #rules]  

keep messages in the right channel

2019-07-22 03:46:46 UTC [๐”‰inest of ๐”Žin #rules]  

listen to generals and corporals

@Tiff you know about James mason, William pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, or William Dudley Pelly?

hey @nig you ever read siege?

yeah we are retards

my favorite line


i could be of help

whatcha looking for

what is the point of it?

wish we could be of more help

where you a part of awd?

whats your issue in that type of org?

damn, wanted to ask him to spread our link around a little

how so?

so what? im sure we all have a few PDFs saved

hey @Geist its natsoc

you read siege?

ever hear of accelerationism?

la grande gay

Ay welcome to the club

Aight nigga

@Don Macaroni is my guy from the Midwest. Heโ€™s as good as they come

where did you get banned from?

oh discord? already? how

*Sieg Heils quietly to myself again*

Sea Kyle

Kill em all 1989

I am the trash man

Fucking Based

Hey wait no my dadโ€™s a cop wtf

God i want more abandoned infrastructure around me

As much as Iโ€™d totally explore more, I live in the suburbs with little being built anymore

i love mr bond, got links if yall want

Itโ€™s Luther

gonna play some HOI4 with some buds, if anyone wants in, let me know

37 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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