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Yea they use religious quotes but they can’t be actual Christians because they have other occult beliefs

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I was beaten to it lol

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@Sir Womp yeah there are no real Christians in Freemasonry, they have weird rituals and are based around a globalist order which definitely anti-christ.

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Yup, it’s quite easy to join them, infiltration?

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If you show any traitorous signs whilst being in the group, i’m sure they will just kill you or threaten ur family.

2019-08-08 22:20:39 UTC  

Kill you? The groups way to easy to join for that to be a punishment. You literally just gotta ask to join and go to there dinner

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I’m talking about being like a informant inside the group, also that “dinner” consists of a shit ton of satanic rituals and other garbage like that.

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Look up Bohemian Grove, lots of masons attend that.

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Satanic rituals interesting. The upside down star means water,air,earth,fire and spirit. You can tell by the colors it uses. Just saying in case your making connections there

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Aight imma go to sleep guys

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I’m confused what’s so bad about bohemian grove? Just elites planning things.

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Look at what jewtube is shilling

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The nigga probably spouts the "LoVe YoUr EnEmIeS" bullshit

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Lmao probably

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@Sir Womp no dude they have done shit like beheading animals

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Oh shit that’s disgusting

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gonna play some HOI4 with some buds, if anyone wants in, let me know

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Oi that is awesome, where did you get it

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At the market

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They were selling hella cool stuff

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Couldn't buy the big stuff tho since KAPO would've arrested me lmao

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Inb4 get questioned by the cops again

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Ah shit here we go again

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Lol, cops always gotta pry into our business

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I think no one spotted me buying it except the woman who was selling it

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If I would've had the money then I would've bought it all tbh

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Without a doubt

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I mean wouldn’t we all? There beautiful relics from the past

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everyone's dead

2019-09-29 02:06:49 UTC