Message from Mayor of Fashtown in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-07-21 00:29:20 UTC  

hail ag pill

2017-07-21 00:29:21 UTC  

@Vanguard the buttstock cover is that one of the stretchy fabric deals like from cabelas

2017-07-21 00:29:43 UTC  

oh the ag pill = agrarian

2017-07-21 00:29:48 UTC  

i used to want to be one when i was a leftist

2017-07-21 00:29:51 UTC  

it wasnt cheap fabric but worked well

2017-07-21 00:30:15 UTC  

@badtanman on guard admin form for occupation I wrote gentleman farmer as my job lmao

2017-07-21 00:30:20 UTC  

I have only found them that hold 9 rounds, such an odd number. I want one that holds 10 or 12

2017-07-21 00:30:30 UTC  

my desire is to be largest land owner in the county

2017-07-21 00:30:37 UTC  

>tfw iwnb gentleman farmer ;_;

2017-07-21 00:30:39 UTC  


2017-07-21 00:30:43 UTC  

i never need that many rounds

2017-07-21 00:30:59 UTC  


2017-07-21 00:31:01 UTC  

I just like evenness 🤔

2017-07-21 00:31:06 UTC  


2017-07-21 00:31:23 UTC  

lmao autiste

2017-07-21 00:31:36 UTC  

but generally speaking shooting on safari its open distance shots

2017-07-21 00:31:44 UTC  

you dont need a shit pile of reloads sans being charged

2017-07-21 00:31:45 UTC  

9 would give the 2nd reload an incomplete magazine in a 5 round bolt gun

2017-07-21 00:31:57 UTC  

which you can rack bolt fast and if you miss 5-10x you probably deserve to die..

2017-07-21 00:32:05 UTC  


2017-07-21 00:32:17 UTC  

I kno das rite *snap snap*

2017-07-21 00:32:29 UTC  

What if you are being charged by native monkey folk

2017-07-21 00:32:32 UTC  

I had straight pull bolt on that rifle it was a short action and fast as shit to cycle

2017-07-21 00:32:42 UTC  

ayo i just spray dat toolie out the windaw an shoot me some bloods nigga

2017-07-21 00:32:49 UTC  

native monkey folks get the Martini Henry

2017-07-21 00:32:55 UTC  


2017-07-21 00:33:17 UTC  

Martini henry if they are standing in a line lol

2017-07-21 00:33:30 UTC  

just have to lead a little more, slower round

2017-07-21 00:33:41 UTC  

Ay yo hol up single file ima kill 5 yous at once

2017-07-21 00:33:45 UTC  

I want a martini henry or some other black powder to get more deer season days

2017-07-21 00:34:07 UTC  

an old sharpes carbine to hunt in mountains single shot black powder would be implicit

2017-07-21 00:34:23 UTC  

black bear black powder season I want, will be lit

2017-07-21 00:34:33 UTC  


2017-07-21 00:34:33 UTC  

I watched a good vid on those a few weeks ago

2017-07-21 00:34:53 UTC  

I know a few dudes that hunt bear with bow

2017-07-21 00:35:02 UTC  

that's fucking nuts

2017-07-21 00:35:06 UTC

2017-07-21 00:35:07 UTC  

45-70 and there goes your leg tyrone

2017-07-21 00:35:09 UTC  

I need to get a solid compound and practice for a shit ton to do that

2017-07-21 00:35:18 UTC  

i know some dudes that hunt hog from a helicopter

2017-07-21 00:35:20 UTC  

yeah I want to get a .500 NE and shoot a home invader with it lmao