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That night, Donaldson was lured into a cell by a prisoner who claimed that he and his friends wanted to 'discuss pacifism' with him in their cells. He was then anally and orally raped dozens of times by an estimated 45 male inmates. He suffered additional abuse a second night before he escaped from his tormentors (two of whom were pimping him to the others for cigarettes) and collapsed, sobbing, at the cell block gate where guards retrieved him. After a midnight examination at D.C. General Hospital (during which he remained handcuffed) he was returned to the jail hospital, untreated either for physical injury or emotional trauma.[18]

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lol untreated!

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does this mean the dmarcus episode is behind the pay wall

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i have nothing to listen to at work tomorrow

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i'm withholding shoah from my gf

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you get the boring one for free, goy

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@northern_confederate can i uhhhh have your login

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he doesnt have one

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ive asked like 80 times

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worst bf choice ever

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i'll buy one when they stop talking about their own asshole for 2 hours

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user was banned for counter signalling

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i say it out of affection they're bright and capable

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here's the thing about that (loud clanking in the background)

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*sven tries to speak 60 times*

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can anybody even hear me???

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*mike disconnects*

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*drop spam*

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woops that wasnt the right drop

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lol the auto play meme is funny tho

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*styx clanks spoon against cup*

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you know mike, speaking of space aliens invading japan i have the perfect drop for this
*i'm half jewish*

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What is your best method for redpilling? @weev

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just realized i had a typo

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Yeah, please tell us about how you converted an antifa.

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wtf you made a typo we're done forever

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bye felicia

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this is almost as bad as using an uppercase letter

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idk what that reference is but i hate it

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