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Saviors of mankind is a little overblown here. Even if the Democrats win no one is getting extinct there just might be another 50 years of some small civil war in a third world nation, and declining wages for some jobs 10-20% of the native populace doesn't even want to do.

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I think what he means, as that there is a targeted approach into cultural enrichment on the US, and if the GOP doesn't win seats, the existing neocon never-trumpers will cater to the democrat agenda on Open Borders.

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"With Open Gates" the US version.

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It would be better to not let unvetted people come here illegally. It's a shame the USA isn't getting the best and brightest world round as much as it used to.

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It will without a doubt weekend the US, our national security and we'll end up spending more time fighting ourselves instead of keeping our enemies in check.

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World wide aren't our enemies if you refer to China and Iran going to be too much to handle sooner or later?

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Even with secure borders think we have too many domestic issues to really reign them in anymore.

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South China sea, and mass executions of CIA informants in Iran.

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Which enemies are we able to effectively stop and in which way? Ukraine was a mess.

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dude, what in the fuck are you talking about?

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@jman hes a disinfo shill

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no shit

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<@&489824784276914203> Remove this faggot. @Generic Scout

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Just asking for info here

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Like which enemies and how?

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How would the resources be shifted?

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Any links?

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yea, but meanwhile, in the land of anyone who gives a fuck, and has been fighting for years, this is a bit more of a fingers crossed moment than whatever it is you're on about

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You mean more of a hope and a prayer things change?

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>i just want information... but im gonna spam a bunch of irrelevant links anyway

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"If china was a video game, how would you battle it?"

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Building up domestic steel production

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And weening off of reliance on foreign products of course.

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I'd put it on a shelf and not play.

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Maybe in a box

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Not saying the Reps aren't doing that, just saying that the Immigrants don't seem to really be influencing things in that direction.

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It'll be next generation when they can even impact the vote.

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When their children turn 20

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When it comes to crimes, doubt it'll be more than half a percent increase they'll integrate into low income areas.

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Probably building up towards mowing grass or farm work with sympathizers to running drugs.

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Calling this dooming humanity is such a hyperbole. Just saying. If it was to say deactivate nukes which were found in Iran and NK sure I can see what they mean.

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>concernfagging on QCA

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'It's the nukes, not the mexicans' <:jidf:499392165814992896>

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'refugees are peaceful'