Message from JollyFeed in Turtle Hermit School #random

2018-11-07 05:28:02 UTC  

@JollyFeed yes he did he even invited me from the cbts stream subreddit

2018-11-07 05:28:30 UTC  

Oh well, then Idk.

2018-11-07 05:28:43 UTC  

@👑 King Futurama fuck off, nobody even wants your opinions

2018-11-07 05:28:47 UTC  

I was only a mod on TGA for about 3 weeks before it was banned. So...


2018-11-07 05:28:58 UTC  

. . .

Call me retarded again Fart leggo

you know you want to daddi

2018-11-07 05:29:19 UTC  

So... that means I'm not involved in the shit posting and drama


2018-11-07 05:29:23 UTC  

@JollyFeed oy vey kike, ima wreck yo sheeit FOT

2018-11-07 05:29:40 UTC  

@JollyFeed it means you work for the biggest redit shill in the Q community

2018-11-07 05:29:51 UTC  

@JollyFeed and that makes you gay

2018-11-07 05:29:57 UTC  


2018-11-07 05:30:15 UTC  

Do a Dinosaur rap @JollyFeed

ok ok ok yuh

r/hiphopheads fam

2018-11-07 05:31:11 UTC  

@FastJack I'm not interested in your paranoia. If you have an issue with Fot sort it out with him. If you don't want me on your server, just say so. But I'm not involved in the BS

2018-11-07 05:31:41 UTC  

I'm also not interested in the shit posting.

2018-11-07 05:31:45 UTC  

you can be here all you want youre free to ignore us tbh

2018-11-07 05:31:46 UTC  

Not my style

2018-11-07 05:32:13 UTC  

@JollyFeed this is a server that revolves around Q and shitposting so you reposted in the wrong neighborhood nigger

how is it not?

your style?

2018-11-07 05:33:04 UTC  

I don't care if that's how you guys talk, doesn't bug me. Just don't expect me to do the same. Not my style is all.

2018-11-07 05:33:29 UTC  

I only came on the server to talk about the election and you guys are too busy being obsessed with Fot.

2018-11-07 05:33:30 UTC  

@JollyFeed you'll shitpost and like it

2018-11-07 05:33:42 UTC  

I don't wanna

Its a condition of being here

2018-11-07 05:33:47 UTC  

@JollyFeed you'll shitpost and like it

2018-11-07 05:33:52 UTC  

@JollyFeed too bad

2018-11-07 05:33:57 UTC  

@JollyFeed too bad

2018-11-07 05:34:05 UTC  
2018-11-07 05:34:07 UTC  



2018-11-07 05:34:19 UTC  

I don't have to shit posting if I don't want to.

2018-11-07 05:34:31 UTC  

*rubs hands*