Message from John of Arc in Turtle Hermit School #random

2019-02-15 22:48:09 UTC  


2019-02-16 01:12:47 UTC  

Another dem controlled stronghold

2019-02-16 02:51:52 UTC  


2019-02-16 05:31:09 UTC  

If anyone cares, the Aurora shooter was a black felon who illegally obtained a weapon

2019-02-16 08:12:12 UTC  

wondering if the factory where it happened was a factory where they made fake news at

2019-02-16 21:34:53 UTC  

Newsom endorses kamala to defend immigrants

2019-02-16 21:52:02 UTC  

well she spreads herself around

2019-02-16 21:54:54 UTC  

read bottom

2019-02-16 22:16:11 UTC  

Does it say how they suggest doing that?

2019-02-16 22:17:40 UTC  

Discover the expiring life and career of justice Ruth Bader

2019-02-16 22:17:58 UTC  

Expiring 😂

2019-02-16 22:21:06 UTC  


2019-02-16 22:21:22 UTC  

No such luck

2019-02-16 22:21:47 UTC  


2019-02-16 22:22:42 UTC  

As long as her tenure as Supreme Court justice expires, that’s good enough

2019-02-16 22:22:58 UTC  

I bet it will be soon

2019-02-16 22:23:22 UTC  

I'm sure it's over for her

2019-02-16 22:24:10 UTC  

Any paparazzi worth his weight in gold would have snapped a shot of her

2019-02-16 22:24:38 UTC  

For sure. They can’t keep up the charade forever

2019-02-16 22:25:31 UTC  

Hey , never asked that your cat?

2019-02-16 22:27:05 UTC  

Nope. It’s my spirit animal

2019-02-16 22:33:04 UTC  

Just as well then

2019-02-16 22:34:17 UTC  

I have a rottie I was figuring out how to bleach his ass.

2019-02-16 22:34:44 UTC  

Lol jk kidding of course

2019-02-16 22:40:11 UTC  

Hahaha that would be funny. Hmmm... you need a stencil and bleach 🤔

2019-02-16 22:40:27 UTC  

Just paint it on

2019-02-16 22:52:36 UTC  

I'm Back

2019-02-16 23:07:18 UTC  

Don't heart attack me bro

2019-02-16 23:57:48 UTC  

will Israel be able to talk to my refrigerator? What if they tell it not only to watch I'm eating but what I'm also saying. What if it gets transmitted to tel aviv and i get put on a blacklist. Internet of Things is coming. What do frens?