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Jews to wreck Iceland next

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our wikipedia article rocks

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I just realized that every college makes you set up a linked in because thats how you "get jobs goy"

we need better opsec instuctions for people

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Don't lie Shaun, or should I say Douglas Murray. I totally recognize your voice.

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@RyanM all the dingos sound the same to me

2017-08-16 05:56:20 UTC  

Go on Youtube and look up Douglas Murray really good Brittish right winger, Shaun sounds exactly like him to me.

2017-08-16 06:07:29 UTC  

fuck, guys. can't believe they shut down

2017-08-16 06:07:49 UTC  

dammit do we have to go back to Tor now?

2017-08-16 06:07:58 UTC  

I'm mad, it was a great name

2017-08-16 06:08:02 UTC  

damn chinese can't even respect the wang

2017-08-16 06:08:17 UTC  

i've never seen such disrespect for wangs

2017-08-16 06:08:31 UTC  

the level of hatred

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@andrewanglin I'm ingnorant on the technial concerns, are Pax's statements about creating a new registrar realistic?

2017-08-16 06:09:02 UTC  

i haven't seen it but that would take some time

2017-08-16 06:09:02 UTC  

couldn't stop laughing hearing you talk about the wang on tds

2017-08-16 06:09:03 UTC  

for sure

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I'm glad Trump stuck up for us today, big white pill

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i need up now

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can't fucking stand this shit

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excuse my igrnoance, but are there not registrars out of country that you could register with?

2017-08-16 06:12:31 UTC  

.wang was chinese

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@andrewanglin I know you're in nigeria, but can you hop in chat?

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he was using china

2017-08-16 06:12:50 UTC  

it would be funny using a nigerian one though

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you know how ships use "flags of convenince?" Does a similar thing exist for domains?

2017-08-16 06:13:58 UTC  

could we secure a .(nig country here) domain via sheckles?

2017-08-16 06:14:53 UTC  

anyone see this yet
looks like the people shilling 8pol are stepping it up.

2017-08-16 06:14:53 UTC  

Putin is doing a shitty job running the alt right if he can't even get us domains

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What was the reason they gave you for the seizure of the .wang domain?

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can we get some tl;dr up in here?