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Note the doubke eagle on the Russian sub symbol

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The "hunt for" was dropped because they knew where the sub was. They used the hacked chips to find out where it was. They baited them to fire the missile. They fired, they committed. Trump was never in danger to begin with. I dunno just my shitty two cents.

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posted 43 minutes ago

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So what? Now Russia is the bad guys again?

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I think it's more about who controlled which of their subs

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Read my comment above

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didnt know how to tie my thoughts to yours without writing a novel, but I think we're on as near to the same page as Q cryptography permits

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aged poorly, but you get the idea. could it be that this is the weapon they meant to use to trigger WW?

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@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins so your thought is the Russians fire the missle or the fveyes hacked the sub and launched?

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Also, I think we're overlooking that all this fuckery must have been facilitated by China, or rogue China.

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RED China, just sayin

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I'm just getting off work and am lost at the moment

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a lot of what im saying comes from decodes from back in june when the missile Q referenced today was fired, and following days. Posts were about china having hacked a contractor tied all up with DARPA and some secret USNavy sub project.

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Ah yes I recall. I wasn't seeing how or why Russia had anything to do with that

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I don't think it does, necessarily, or directly. I think the over-arching theme is that the plan was to blame russia for something the Cabal was doing. Seems to me likely they'd have at least one unit from each side, in order to "start a war", or at the least that what we think they did with a US Sub in the puget sound, they would have tried to do with other nations' naval forces

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Yeah that's where I'm at

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In the actual movie "The Hunt for Red October" if the russian submarine was being used to deliver a nuclear payload rather than trying to defect (as were the competing theories), might not it have started a war? Maybe the film was to prime reactions to what they actually intended to do someday, in mimicking the plot, but, when we give them ground,. they deliver the opposite outcome. The film would prime someone not to listen to putin telling them the sub was rogue and hostile.

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far flung, but its what got me on the thought train

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I love thoughts

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we were saying

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Trump said something in that press conference last week about China interfering in the midterm elections, and the jackals hounded him about what proof we had... He said something like, you'll all know soon, 'I mean, its not just based on nothing.'

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