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2017-08-16 20:32:10 UTC  

Why do you think SJW's are such a huge turn off aside from everything else they look disgusting

2017-08-16 20:32:23 UTC  

And he didn't play dress up as a movement from the 1850s

2017-08-16 20:33:01 UTC  

THey are going to label you as terrorists and racists anyway.

2017-08-16 20:33:16 UTC  

true but that doen'st mean u give them what they want

2017-08-16 20:33:18 UTC  

I was on board w/ banning the nazi stuff until a day or 2 ago, now I'm having 2nd thoughts. There are so many accts w/ <100 followers concern-trolling about nazi stuff, and tons of boomers losing their shit about it, also concern trolling. I think the nazi stuff is a good gatekeeper to keep out undesirables (I know that sounds odd 😉 ), and to make sure we keep to our real message of white identity/ racial realism.

There is no voting our way out of this, so trying for a mass movement is self-defeating. I'm not saying everyone dress up like a clown, but be welcoming of those that do. Use them like the conservatives should be using the alt-right: "wow, look at those nazi guys, now look at how we aren't nazis would you like to hear about human biodiversity?"

2017-08-16 20:33:58 UTC  

I'm only talking about public events

2017-08-16 20:34:00 UTC  

its like during the (((gay Rights))) movement people tried to tie them to pedos but they didn't all become pedos cause they are gonna be called pedos anuyways

2017-08-16 20:34:04 UTC  

so am i

2017-08-16 20:34:08 UTC  

oh yeah Troll accoundgonna troll lol

2017-08-16 20:34:38 UTC  

We didnt give them what they want. They distorted chaos caused by the police and blamed it on us. Then they labelled us Klan members even though there were no klan there

2017-08-16 20:35:03 UTC  

i know my point is no reason to give them what they want

2017-08-16 20:35:07 UTC  

This isnt muh optics. The fact is that the police, the deep state, and the media are slandering us so no one listens to us

2017-08-16 20:35:08 UTC  

thats the other thing, they are going to use pics from KKK rallies on articles about us anyway

2017-08-16 20:36:30 UTC  

i think it was pretty yuge that Trump came out and said only a few of us were nazis and the rest weren't. People are already getting desensitized to the nazi thing, you can hang out w/ them w/o being one. Normal humans that is. It also mega-triggers the shitlibs, which is also a fun bonus

2017-08-16 20:37:25 UTC  

dammit orwell spit it out 😉

2017-08-16 20:37:32 UTC  


2017-08-16 20:38:04 UTC  

rights for gays and medical care for everyone

2017-08-16 20:38:09 UTC  

@Zorost agreed after trump

2017-08-16 20:38:11 UTC  

Join voice

2017-08-16 20:38:21 UTC  

The alt right is a movement of peace

2017-08-16 20:38:32 UTC  

The truth is gonna come out.

2017-08-16 20:38:45 UTC  

Challengerbrah will be the next George Zimmerman.

2017-08-16 20:39:09 UTC  

We just gotta learn from this and be smarter I disavow no one though. I just want to win!!

2017-08-16 20:39:25 UTC  

And then antifags and their poc pets will burn down every city with a univetisty in it.

2017-08-16 20:39:32 UTC  

the fat whore is already being held up as a martyr to the commie movement. commies in poland were invoking her memory

2017-08-16 20:39:59 UTC  


2017-08-16 20:40:04 UTC  

Commies will do our work for us by alienating the fuck out of normies. Just like they did in weimar.

2017-08-16 20:40:12 UTC  

Yeah I'm not disavowing anything or bitching. Just learning what we can improve moving forward

2017-08-16 20:40:28 UTC  

Azz was right, this was our putsch.

2017-08-16 20:40:37 UTC  

one of the funniest things from that was 1 of the videos where right after the car came thru the videogrphaer started swearing and ranting because someone started beating her up. the only people around were antifa, hahaha

2017-08-16 20:41:30 UTC  

"sheeeit, a mufukin car just done keeled one of muh comrades n' sheeeit, time to punch whoevers closest muh niggas"

2017-08-16 20:41:51 UTC  

some comedy from yesterday:

2017-08-16 20:42:38 UTC  

This piece of shit!

2017-08-16 20:42:41 UTC  

They really aren't gonna learn.

2017-08-16 20:42:49 UTC  

I hate having him as a governor

2017-08-16 20:43:07 UTC  

I didn't think that signalling could get any higher.

2017-08-16 20:43:10 UTC  

they think by removing it all at once that they'll avoid the cville rallies

2017-08-16 20:43:27 UTC  

san diego removed a plaque to the confederacy today as well