Message from Rivendell in Turtle Hermit School #modchat

2018-10-18 05:02:28 UTC  


2018-10-18 05:02:45 UTC  


2018-10-18 05:02:51 UTC  

its the message not the messenger

2018-10-18 05:03:20 UTC  

thanks my chest now 😃

2018-10-18 05:04:32 UTC  

I recommend that you be prepared to back up your opinions and grow a thick skin. 😉

2018-10-18 05:04:34 UTC  

( they still dont show in search but i can live with that ? )

2018-10-18 05:04:44 UTC  

i am

2018-10-18 05:04:51 UTC  

Where did you find them?

2018-10-18 05:04:59 UTC  


2018-10-18 05:05:06 UTC  

The pictures.

2018-10-18 05:05:08 UTC  

i paged back manually

2018-10-18 05:05:17 UTC  

was further back than i thought

2018-10-18 05:05:26 UTC  

Oh I see

2018-10-18 05:05:46 UTC  

normall i can always locate quicklt with a search

2018-10-18 05:06:14 UTC  

i wanted to see if any more input disagreement or other since i went sleepy

2018-10-18 05:06:20 UTC  

Did you use the has: embed link or file” search?

2018-10-18 05:06:26 UTC  

on the topic

2018-10-18 05:06:52 UTC  

from user search on my ID

2018-10-18 05:07:39 UTC  

Yeah I don’t know why... sorry

2018-10-18 05:09:43 UTC  

OMGsust got 119 resulst now .....

2018-10-18 05:10:08 UTC  

must have ben search on wrong Topic ??

2018-10-18 05:12:21 UTC  

i see my mistake now

2018-10-18 05:12:32 UTC  

Ok good

2018-10-18 05:12:52 UTC  

was on Rivendell NOT Rivendell#5984

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2018-10-18 05:13:43 UTC  

Ohhhhhhh. No wonder! Lol

2018-10-18 05:14:00 UTC  

egg all over face

2018-10-18 05:14:41 UTC  


2018-10-18 05:15:08 UTC  

you can throw tomatoes too if you want

2018-10-18 05:15:25 UTC  


2018-10-18 05:15:28 UTC  

No no.. I would never!

2018-10-18 05:52:19 UTC  

Fucking douche

2018-10-20 17:32:27 UTC  

good afternoon everybody

2018-10-20 17:33:54 UTC  



2018-10-21 15:31:06 UTC  

My gut tells me: If the elites want a false flag that is going to cause chaos, it will be the shooting/attack of the invasion on our southern border. I really, really believe this is the reason for the mob heading our way. Our troops and true patriots will be their to protect our country and the cabal will send one or more of their programmed idiots down there to do harm and create chaos. Of course the photos spread far and wide will be of the few women and children in the group. Thoughts?

2018-10-21 15:48:56 UTC  

my thoughts are that you are buying into the fear mongering and dont realize that a huge migrant caravan is a great ad for trumps wall.

2018-10-22 01:26:24 UTC  


2018-10-22 01:42:09 UTC  

@GwynRitaBlume(USA) Did u see the post re a false flag being planned at a Democrat rally by a Trump fan? Supposedly? I have it on my FB page

2018-10-22 01:42:42 UTC  

@gleeballs2 @GwynRitaBlume(USA) y'all are free to use <#489837874393645066>