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@GwynRitaBlume(USA) Did u see the post re a false flag being planned at a Democrat rally by a Trump fan? Supposedly? I have it on my FB page

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@gleeballs2 @GwynRitaBlume(USA) y'all are free to use <#489837874393645066>

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@_NANO_ you're free post in <#489837874393645066>

Sorry for being late on this one folks

Discord has changed their Terms of Service!

Unfortunately, this change comes with a revocation of your legal rights. Discord has revoked your right to sue (you must go through an arbitrator) and to congregate as a class action lawsuit.

Luckily, there is an opt-out for the clause, in which you must email [email protected], but you must do it within 30 days or you can no longer opt-out.


You can see the added clauses for yourself here:

I will attempt to answer some common questions.

Is this enforceable?

In the United States, yes. This was decided by the Supreme Court in 2011. See

In Europe, no. There are many clauses, a relevant one is Article 77 of the GDPR ("Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority").

Why does this matter?

Without the ability to congregate for a class action lawsuit, if Discord ever leaks your data or does something catastrophically bad to a large portion of the population you have no way to representatively sue together without each of you individually suing via the arbitrator.

Please see the following article:


1. Your right to file a complaint in the court of law is removed.
2. The arbitration system tends to heavily favour the company rather than the consumer.
3. Since your right to pool similar complaints together is taken away, the amount of damage you can do to a company that has wronged you significantly is limited to those who are willing to arbitrate.

What you need to do to opt-out
Email [email protected] from the email associated with your account, with the following (no special formatting required):
Subject: Opt-out from the arbitration clause
Content: I'd like to opt-out from your arbitration clause.

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Hi how do I switch to Lurker role? (Does it exist?) ☺️

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@buzzZZzz have you tried adjusting your notification settings?

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@b̸̕r̴̨͠e͘͢Λ̢d͢͝b͠͞o̡̕x I don't understand I like all of our discord places so what do we do???? Opt out or not???

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But I still want to be able to get Qrole notifications. Just would like to be off Community.

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I opted out by sending the email from the email associated with my accounts

essentially it prevents you from filing a class action lawsuit against discord

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As far as Outer Haven one question..

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@b̸̕r̴̨͠e͘͢Λ̢d͢͝b͠͞o̡̕x I did the same. Did you get any response from them ?

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not yet lol but should be legally covered

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I think the Democrats sent themselves all these bombs.

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anychance of a :shekel: emoji to pay the shills with?

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shekel added as the command!

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Upload an image for me to use! Type `exit` to cancel.

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shekel has been added to my files!

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@pages was there a specific reason you posted this in modchat?

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You know, why not?

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@P o l i t e c h a l 8 7sorry I hit wrong line meant a live chat to see if ppl wanted to chat about it. Sorry getting confused with so many places.

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Could I get link preview perms on <#489840835924328458>

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you should have it with the curator role

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thanks for the tip

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Channel is read only now kek @Captain Furfag JT

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check now