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2019-03-16 00:31:16 UTC  

but not your friend's

2019-03-16 00:31:50 UTC  

i don't really care about your opinion of my friends though

2019-03-16 00:31:53 UTC  

so it all works out

2019-03-16 00:32:16 UTC  

do u even have friends

2019-03-16 00:32:20 UTC  

either way i've heard mixed reviews

2019-03-16 00:32:33 UTC  

*"do i even hear things?"*

2019-03-16 00:33:05 UTC  

the answer is no

2019-03-16 00:33:09 UTC  

i just feel my speakers to make music

2019-03-16 00:33:12 UTC  

i wanna see the pedophile hunter thing

2019-03-16 00:33:29 UTC  

20 minutes of just that

2019-03-16 00:33:57 UTC  

yeah i want to see them harrass dudes they just met on the internet irl (???)

2019-03-16 00:34:51 UTC  

it's just not great without all 3 of them working on skits

2019-03-16 00:34:52 UTC  

not dudes

2019-03-16 00:34:54 UTC  


2019-03-16 00:34:57 UTC  

honestly i suspect the only reason we havent seen the pedo hunt thing is legal reason

2019-03-16 00:35:11 UTC  

the MDE triumvirate

2019-03-16 00:35:19 UTC  

nick, sam, charls

2019-03-16 00:35:23 UTC  

legal reasons ?

2019-03-16 00:35:32 UTC  

@CurtisKaiju haha probably

2019-03-16 00:35:35 UTC  

it's illegal to hunt pedos now

2019-03-16 00:35:39 UTC  

yall see the 2015 sci fi pilot sam posted on the milliondollarextreme2 channel?

2019-03-16 00:35:40 UTC  


2019-03-16 00:36:04 UTC  

it's illegal to trust sam's word on other people 100%

2019-03-16 00:36:26 UTC  

@CurtisKaiju absolutely

2019-03-16 00:36:44 UTC  

it looked fuckin dope, i lowkey wish that was what world peace woudlve been

2019-03-16 00:36:56 UTC  

the cube bit wasn't that new but it was nice to see it in context

2019-03-16 00:37:17 UTC  

every week the gang go do some cool shit and then we see sam and nicks dreams as the sketches. that wouldve been great

2019-03-16 00:37:54 UTC  

charls is doing cool concepts

2019-03-16 00:37:55 UTC  

i thought it was almost like UCB meets Nightbreed at the beginning

2019-03-16 00:38:09 UTC  

but he has a depression in his twitch lives

2019-03-16 00:38:23 UTC  

i lowkey dig the designs for the character, the colours and everyhing are just so wild

2019-03-16 00:38:38 UTC  

he is always sad and negative when he streams just like you AC

2019-03-16 00:38:45 UTC  

i mean it better, that's where most of the budget went

2019-03-16 00:39:27 UTC  

@Azazel realism is optimism to a pessimist and pessimism to an optimist

2019-03-16 00:39:55 UTC  

most of the budget for wrold peace definitely went to sets and costumes

2019-03-16 00:40:02 UTC  

i think charls is pretty straight-forward with who he is and how he thinks

2019-03-16 00:40:07 UTC  

i mean the set for hyper gen x is dope

2019-03-16 00:40:12 UTC  

but there's obviously a degree of it that's held back because it's twitch

2019-03-16 00:40:22 UTC streams are more raw and uncensored

2019-03-16 00:40:50 UTC  

the gfx is low budget