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2018-12-27 21:09:35 UTC [Subverse #new-member-alert]  

2019-03-11 08:24:36 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

Idk what the fuck this chat is but I love it

2019-03-11 08:25:57 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

I'm pretty sure every interaction with a high authority individual feels weird. Power imbalance can really fuck with you sometimes

2019-03-11 08:27:35 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

Fight the power

2019-03-15 22:19:02 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

do it pussy

2019-03-16 00:28:04 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

i kinda liked it tbh

2019-03-16 00:28:23 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

i was happy to see sam got owen cyclops in on it, that guy has some good art vibes going

2019-03-16 00:29:07 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

everyone saying sams part was the worst bit but it was my favourite

2019-03-16 00:34:57 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

honestly i suspect the only reason we havent seen the pedo hunt thing is legal reason

2019-03-16 00:35:39 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

yall see the 2015 sci fi pilot sam posted on the milliondollarextreme2 channel?

2019-03-16 00:36:44 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

it looked fuckin dope, i lowkey wish that was what world peace woudlve been

2019-03-16 00:37:17 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

every week the gang go do some cool shit and then we see sam and nicks dreams as the sketches. that wouldve been great

2019-03-16 00:38:23 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

i lowkey dig the designs for the character, the colours and everyhing are just so wild

2019-03-16 00:39:55 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

most of the budget for wrold peace definitely went to sets and costumes

2019-03-16 00:40:07 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

i mean the set for hyper gen x is dope

2019-03-16 00:41:07 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

i mean just look at these set designs

2019-03-16 00:43:30 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

the amount of detail in mde's work is great, from the set to the transition slides

2019-03-16 00:43:49 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

just the design of the cube hideout, with all the weapons on the wall and all the weird sci fi shit strewn around

2019-03-16 00:44:08 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

the fact i can go thru the jews rock sketch and find some new detail every time

2019-03-16 00:44:54 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

oh obviosuly

2019-03-16 00:45:10 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

giving them a budget was amazing, it sucks that it went downhill

2019-03-16 00:45:22 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

tbh im happy it was good while it lasted

2019-03-16 00:45:54 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

it couldve actually been a lot worse, reading through the production script theres a lot of sub-par mateiral that didnt get in and im okay with that

2019-03-16 00:46:45 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

100 more episodes

2019-03-16 00:47:14 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

imagine if we actually got the neveragain and cube stuff in an episode. it wouldnt surprise me since they re used the baseball skit and dad skit

2019-03-16 00:47:22 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

also the kid six one was recycled from the pilot

2019-03-16 00:47:33 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

its like 11 minutes 20 seconds

2019-03-16 00:48:52 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

well imma tell you, im gonna try my best to get some shit on tv, and when i do itll be very much mde inspired.

2019-03-16 00:50:55 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

@ac i got inside links to at least one australian tv station, ill be damned if i dont try and exploit that

2019-03-16 00:51:12 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

i got family friends workin in the industry

2019-03-16 00:57:13 UTC [GRO_A4 0XA4 #promenade]  

the shooter had to shoot through a crowd of people to defend himself

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