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2019-03-16 00:42:12 UTC  

that girl with the glasses in the happy world daddy , who is she ?

2019-03-16 00:42:23 UTC  

editing and graphics are one thing but i can't deny that i love a lot of the more visceral parts of the actual live-action, set design, costumes/makeup

2019-03-16 00:42:56 UTC  

it plays to that nostalgia for 90s sketch comedy

2019-03-16 00:43:19 UTC

2019-03-16 00:43:30 UTC  

the amount of detail in mde's work is great, from the set to the transition slides

2019-03-16 00:43:34 UTC  

while also being uniquely in a genre of its own because of the themes that tie it together

2019-03-16 00:43:49 UTC  

just the design of the cube hideout, with all the weapons on the wall and all the weird sci fi shit strewn around

2019-03-16 00:44:08 UTC  

the fact i can go thru the jews rock sketch and find some new detail every time

2019-03-16 00:44:36 UTC  

well you can tell they were playing around with a lot of different ideas before this

2019-03-16 00:44:51 UTC  

it was just bottled up because of all the limitations

2019-03-16 00:44:54 UTC  

oh obviosuly

2019-03-16 00:45:10 UTC  

giving them a budget was amazing, it sucks that it went downhill

2019-03-16 00:45:22 UTC  

tbh im happy it was good while it lasted

2019-03-16 00:45:32 UTC  

i'm sure sam went into nerd autism overdrive thinking about all the different cyberpunk shit he wanted on the set

2019-03-16 00:45:54 UTC  

it couldve actually been a lot worse, reading through the production script theres a lot of sub-par mateiral that didnt get in and im okay with that

2019-03-16 00:46:35 UTC  

but *so much potential*

2019-03-16 00:46:45 UTC  

100 more episodes

2019-03-16 00:47:14 UTC  

imagine if we actually got the neveragain and cube stuff in an episode. it wouldnt surprise me since they re used the baseball skit and dad skit

2019-03-16 00:47:15 UTC  

15 minutes though

2019-03-16 00:47:22 UTC  

also the kid six one was recycled from the pilot

2019-03-16 00:47:24 UTC  

(really more like 12)

2019-03-16 00:47:33 UTC  

its like 11 minutes 20 seconds

2019-03-16 00:48:03 UTC  

who knows, it's sadly all conjecture at this point

2019-03-16 00:48:22 UTC  

maybe in the future HBO will be desperate for anyone

2019-03-16 00:48:52 UTC  

well imma tell you, im gonna try my best to get some shit on tv, and when i do itll be very much mde inspired.

2019-03-16 00:48:53 UTC  

and they get a show like Bob Odenkirk and David Cross did

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2019-03-16 00:49:25 UTC  

nah man

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@CurtisKaiju good luck

2019-03-16 00:50:12 UTC  

lotta red tape in TV land

2019-03-16 00:50:20 UTC  

christchurch shooter was driven by a meme philosophy

2019-03-16 00:50:28 UTC  

le deus vult

2019-03-16 00:50:36 UTC  

Damn right

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2019-03-16 00:50:49 UTC  

wasn't even a deist

2019-03-16 00:50:55 UTC  

@ac i got inside links to at least one australian tv station, ill be damned if i dont try and exploit that

2019-03-16 00:50:58 UTC  

not some loser who wants to make tv shit

2019-03-16 00:51:03 UTC  

atheist who fetishized the crusader and le epic white nationalism