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what gets me to be unhealthy is stress...

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i think that's for most people though

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I'm giving up on vaping soon though

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try the wim hoff method

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good for stress

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helps your immune system too

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o.O didn't know i didn't know how to breathe

2020-02-06 01:25:14 UTC  

its strong shit

2020-02-06 01:25:20 UTC  

gets you high for a few mins

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guy used it to break the record for climbing mt Kilimanjaro while wearing just shorts and boots.

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Damn that's really bad

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I used live there

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Maybe a little east

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shit 4 thousand since yesterday

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Well that kids maybe dead

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I give it a 45% chance of survival, higher because it still has the it's mamas antibodies

2020-02-06 13:01:08 UTC  

Good news is that yesterday, the amount of new cases didn't break a new record, bad news is that death toll keeps breaking daily record

2020-02-06 13:13:51 UTC  

Damn people in critical condition rose from 12% to 14% out of 28,349 cases. There is currently 3,863 people in critical condition.

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Everybody was kung flu fighting, come on (huh) woo-hah
The flem was fast as lightning

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Although the future is a little bit frightening

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The recorded deaths in writing

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sing it, girl
Sexy kung flu fighter (oh oh oh oh)
Let me take you higher (oh oh oh oh)
I got the moves, baby
Single-move fighter (oh oh oh oh)
Take you higher (ah yeah)

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Try to stay on topic <:pepecringe:662027638075817994>

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Kung flu

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Now that's something

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where's Shaolin when you need them ?

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Lets not forget that as the outbreak gets harder to contain, it consumes more resources and it can destroy economies

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Some ppl b going around saying coke and weed can cure coronavirus lol

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yeah I heard about that too lol

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@Trenix so the quarantine is working, but the rate of death is increasing for those who are getting it

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