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2020-12-05 03:45:57 UTC

Hoping we don't need this and it's just a precaution

2020-12-05 04:34:19 UTC

God I hate discord.

2020-12-05 04:36:17 UTC

I didn't know you guys hadn't seen the Dark Empire thing before or I'd have posted it. Dudes working on episode 2 of it but it's pretty good.

2020-12-05 04:38:24 UTC

I saw the first episode back in June or so

2020-12-05 04:38:31 UTC

Glad it's still going

2020-12-05 05:42:56 UTC

I'm glad the mouse didn't C/D him and the Fix it in Post guys.

2020-12-08 21:26:46 UTC

Since we have this server, do we want to use it to actually bond more as a mini community or just have it as a holding pattern in case Null nukes the farm?

2020-12-08 21:32:26 UTC

Iโ€™m up for both

2020-12-08 21:33:33 UTC

I mean, it makes sense since we all ree at each other like we're married anyway.

2020-12-08 21:41:38 UTC

I could use a happening bunker right now anyway.

2020-12-08 22:11:57 UTC

First we must divide everyone into who is a Mandofag and who is just plain wrong.

2020-12-08 23:18:46 UTC

What if Iโ€™m just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe?

2020-12-09 00:56:07 UTC

Mandofags treat Mandos the same way Matt Ward treats Ultramarines. People who are just plain wrong just get their facts wrong.

2020-12-09 08:00:18 UTC

Might as well use it for both

2020-12-10 20:54:57 UTC

I'd rather this channel not be used until Null nukes the site, with the channel itself mainly being for suggestions on where to move to, since quite frankly Discord is diseased.

2020-12-10 22:31:03 UTC

Fair enough I geuss

2020-12-12 22:24:44 UTC

Hey, this is Michael Wade.

2020-12-12 22:25:13 UTC

Just joined in case the farms gets nuked. which is looking increasingly likely.

2020-12-25 14:50:04 UTC

Happy Life Day, faggots

2020-12-25 21:16:33 UTC

Merry Christmas you magnificent bastards

2020-12-26 05:22:41 UTC

Last minute I can say this

2020-12-26 05:22:51 UTC

Yub nub motherfuckers

2020-12-26 18:20:18 UTC


2021-01-01 00:52:49 UTC

@everyone since it looks like Null might not be nuking the site, this bunker might not be needed, so feel free to do or say whatever you want here if you'd like, as long as its not illegal obviously. Maybe use it as a hangout whenever the site goes down or if you don't want to use the forums for whatever reason.

2021-01-01 12:27:39 UTC

Happy New Year guys

2021-01-01 16:39:05 UTC

Sounds perfect. Happy new year

2021-01-01 21:02:47 UTC

Happy New year

2021-01-01 21:04:07 UTC

May it be less shit than the last one


2021-01-01 22:03:31 UTC

Prolly not.

2021-01-01 22:06:05 UTC

Yeah it's probably going to suck just as bad if not worse.

2021-01-05 15:33:18 UTC

I am a optimist for some reason.

2021-01-08 21:39:31 UTC

Any of you guys have the new Battlefront II? Maybe some of us can game sometime while questioning our heterosexuality.

2021-01-09 01:52:44 UTC

What the fuck happened to kf

2021-01-09 02:37:03 UTC

I cant even log in

2021-01-09 03:49:59 UTC


2021-01-09 06:27:12 UTC

Last I heard null said it was some kind of drive issue. Should have it back by tomorrow.

2021-01-09 16:01:31 UTC

Forums back up

2021-01-09 17:41:47 UTC

Haha registration's closed.

2021-01-09 17:47:06 UTC

Thank fuck

2021-01-09 18:50:09 UTC

Oh no that means no more articles and news speda

2021-01-09 18:50:16 UTC

Whatever will we do

2021-01-10 04:04:21 UTC

Down again

2021-01-10 22:43:03 UTC

Really bad timing. Iโ€™m hearing rumors insurrection act shit is going down.

2021-01-10 23:27:34 UTC

They really want a shooting conflict with average Americans if so

2021-01-10 23:27:54 UTC

Fucked up if they use Insurrection Act against an unarmed protest while they did fuck all when BLM burnt down three cities

2021-01-10 23:29:10 UTC


2021-01-10 23:30:16 UTC

That hypocrisy alone might be enough to start people shooting tbh

2021-01-10 23:30:26 UTC


2021-01-10 23:30:35 UTC

But something's gotta give.

2021-01-10 23:31:41 UTC

I think people are getting extremely fed up with the Fed

2021-01-10 23:31:56 UTC


2021-01-10 23:31:58 UTC

10 years ago? Yeah I would have said the American people are fucking push overs and would spread their asscheeks

2021-01-10 23:32:20 UTC

We might have to start getting used to this place, but even discord aint safe in the long run.

2021-01-10 23:32:37 UTC

Like I am 100% sure we will see actual violence this decade. I'm not going to pretend to know when but 2020s are gonna be rough

2021-01-10 23:32:52 UTC

Without a doubt.

2021-01-10 23:32:56 UTC

2020 was just the preview.

2021-01-10 23:32:58 UTC

Yeah Im going to do up an IRC server, I think. Some of my friends want to gtfo Discord

2021-01-10 23:33:43 UTC

If you guys are down with an IRC server Ill do one tonight or tomorrow.

2021-01-10 23:36:04 UTC

Post a link here if you wannt

2021-01-10 23:36:27 UTC

Wilco. I'll include instructions on masking IPs when I do

2021-01-10 23:37:26 UTC

I know other people would prob suggest using the federated matrix server/client but honestly that thing fucking sucks

2021-01-10 23:37:31 UTC

Its not user friendly at all imo

2021-01-11 19:32:00 UTC

Sorry I didn't get a chance to look into servers. I'll have something this week. Mandatory OT at work right now.

2021-01-12 02:44:36 UTC


2021-03-10 20:45:11 UTC


2021-03-11 19:53:14 UTC

Is it possible to learn this power?

2022-09-05 10:42:12 UTC

This discord still dead?

2022-09-05 10:50:53 UTC

Figure it might be a good idea to resurrect it

2022-09-05 10:51:15 UTC


2022-09-05 14:14:14 UTC

I guess it is dead. Is Kiwi Farms still up?

2022-09-05 15:21:28 UTC

The onion link is, but based on what happened this morning, who knows?

2022-09-05 15:31:13 UTC

What happened? I quit Kiwi Farms at the start of this year

2022-09-05 15:35:20 UTC

Cloudflare and DDOS guard kicked the farms

2022-09-05 15:35:50 UTC

Big pressure campaign from some troon with a large social media following

2022-09-05 15:36:21 UTC

Well, there we go

2022-09-05 15:36:26 UTC

Question is, will it return

2022-09-05 15:36:41 UTC

I remember way back in 2017, KF went down for a month or so but came back

2022-09-05 15:39:32 UTC

Here's what Josh said

2022-09-05 15:40:38 UTC

In my life, there is a family emergency. It has absolutely nothing to do with the forum drama. I cannot and will not elaborate further. There will be a week or more where I am completely unavailable and it is likely the site will go down during this time where I will not be able to bring it up.

I want to appraise our situation frankly.

Domain Registrar
Cloudflare was both our application-level DDoS mitigation and our domain registrar. They have given me a way to transfer my domains to another registrar. I do not know what registrar to send it to because I do not have faith in any company.

DDoS Mitigation
DDoS-Guard will drop us dropped us while I was writing this post. This meme about Russia being a free country is a joke. The US is a free country, but with no stewards to protect it. Without the US, there is no second best. I did not expect Cloudflare to crumple so quickly and I don't have a Plan C for DDoS mitigation.

Resource Allocation
I own IP addresses. Our IP allocation is from APNIC. APNIC is one of the 5 private companies which allocate Internet resources around the world. APNIC happens to be based out of Australia, which recently passed draconian censorship laws. There is an effort to get our RIR to revoke our allocation. This would be unprecedented in the history of the Internet, and considering China is in APNIC's region, an absolutely horrific standard which will echo throughout the upcoming decades. There is a non-zero chance of this happening.

2022-09-05 15:41:04 UTC

We have one host and I am looking at two more. It is likely that the host will give up too. The two hosts confident they can handle the Kiwi Farms are probably wrong. DDoS-Guard was confident they could handle the Kiwi Farms and said "bring it on" for less than 24 hours.

This is an organized attack. There is a coalition of criminals trying to frame the forum for their behavior. These criminals provide opportunities for professional victims to amplify their message. Journalists canonize the crimes as the behavior of the forum itself, which becomes the effective truth for the general public.

This is a machine that was built up formerly against 8chan and activates any time the cathedral wants to test the new fronts of its censorship. It is a massive amalgamation of various interests. I am one person. The financial limitations aren't even the real problem - the problem is, I am powerless alone. There is no amount of money I can throw to convince people to be brave and be free. This is just the reality of our country.

And what this machine will not accept is compromise. If I censored specific kinds of behavior, it would not matter. They don't want a specific thing censored. They want the average person to be able to speak in channels where only specific thoughts are acceptable.

More importantly, they want to make it so that no small organization can host a service which threatens the cathedral. It used to be that one guy with a good idea could open a platform and be a Tom Anderson, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Fulp, Christopher Poole, or Richard Kyanka. Take note these names are all from 10+ years ago. There are no new groundbreakers online anymore because breaking ground in the new Internet's corporate parking lot is not allowed.

I do not see a situation where the Kiwi Farms is simply allowed to operate. It will either become a fractured shell of itself, like 8chan, or jump between hosts and domain names like Daily Stormer.

2022-09-05 15:41:16 UTC


2022-09-05 15:42:14 UTC

Got it

2022-09-05 15:52:57 UTC

And there was also that anonymous faggot who swatted some politician and then blamed kiwifarms for it.

2022-09-05 21:51:07 UTC

Eh, it'll probably come back.

2022-09-05 21:51:13 UTC

If not just use tor.

2022-09-05 21:51:31 UTC

I'm not really in the mood to listen about ifs when you can just enjoy things.

2022-09-05 21:51:45 UTC

It's why I mostly just dance now to Star War's repeated fuck ups.

2022-09-05 21:51:57 UTC

Why care about what they do when they don't?

2022-09-05 21:52:18 UTC

Celebrate their absolute incompetence and hope that finances crash the entertainment industry.

2022-09-05 21:52:37 UTC

Since they won't make good product if they only need to sell services and rely on investment, not product sold.

2022-09-06 14:00:18 UTC

It looks like even the tor link is buggy or down entirely.

2022-09-06 14:30:00 UTC

2022-09-06 14:30:10 UTC

Tor is kinda shit.

2022-09-06 14:30:18 UTC

So that's why.

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