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2018-05-24 19:09:51 UTC

Welcome to the Nordic Frontier discord. This server is to act as a place where our listeners can come, have a good time and talk to other like- minded people. While we want to allow as much leeway as possible, there are some rules we expect everyone here to follow and understand.

**The Basics**

โ€“ This is a National Socialist community.
โ€“ While this is not an official server of the Nordic Resistance Movement, we still expect everyone in here to act accordingly to the principles of the Nordic Resistance Movement.
โ€“ We expect everyone to behave well, properly and honourably.
โ€“ We reserve the right to remove any individual that we do not feel adheres to our values or behaves poorly


1. Behave respectfully towards other members of the community
2. Do not post any degenerate content unless it's clearly part of a honest ideological or political discussion where examples are needed to make a point
3. Anime and other "board- wifu- memes" aren't welcomed
4. Use the proper channels for whatever it is you're posting.
5. Any and all counter- signalling against National Socialism and/or the Nordic Resistance Movement will result in a ban. The same goes for all other subversive nonsense.
6. No [insert European country] aren't white discussions
7. If <@&448908844266160139> <@&448909302124773378> or <@&448909488032972801> tell you to stop something you do so immediately.
8. Treat <@&448909668102963211> with respect. If they tell you to cut something out do so immediately. They know better than non- members what is and is not ok.

**Other stuff**

<@&448909668102963211> status is only given to verified members of the Nordic Resistance Movement. All members know what channels to use to get verified.
<@&448909859610558504> is given to those who've donated to the show

1 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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