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I wouldn't expect a meme anti Lolicon to get removed but ok

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Keanu chungus wholesome 100 reddit moment i beat up a kid that said minecraft bad and my doggo bit him so i gave him snaccos and we watched pewdiepie together while in elon musk’s cyber truck talking about how superior reddit memers are : “haha emojis bad” i said and keanu reeves came outta nowhere and said “this is wholesome 100, updoot this wholesome boy” so i got alot of updoots and edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger. but the kind stranger revealed himself to be baby yoda eating chiccy nuggies and drinking choccy milk so we went to the cinema to see our (communism funny) favorite movies avengers endgame but then thor played fortnite and fortnite bad, so then i said “reality is often dissappointing” and then baby yoda replied r/unexpectedthanos and i replied by r/expectedthanos for balance and then danny devito came to pick us up from the cinema and all the insta normies and gay mods stood watching ,as we,superior redditors went home with danny devito to suck on his magnum dong but i said no homo and started sucking

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@⚔📯GoldenSentinel📯⚔ i'd feel more comfortable with bloomberg holding that baby than michael jackson

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I will post this every Tuesday for the rest of the year.

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This whole thing feels like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie

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but is he not a man tho?

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I doubt there's a single kingdom hearts fan here

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but I'm still gonna post my edit.

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The horrors that doggo has seen......

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Allow me to post memes you fucking cretins

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@bffhfh well thanks for the warning not to give you perms

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It was just a prank bro

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oof, ugly link

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smaller but still awful

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