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2017-08-31 23:37:46 UTC  

real sinead hours who up

2017-08-31 23:38:03 UTC  


2017-08-31 23:38:16 UTC

2017-08-31 23:39:21 UTC  

@badtanman Everyone but sinead is a fed

2017-08-31 23:39:48 UTC  


2017-08-31 23:39:50 UTC  

Especially everyone doing real damage to the Jews

2017-08-31 23:40:36 UTC  

If you have over 1k followers on JewTube you are a fed.

2017-08-31 23:41:04 UTC  

If you dont have a sonnenrad tattooed on your breasts you are a fed.

2017-08-31 23:41:26 UTC  

Spencer Fed and Jew, Enoch Jew, Mosley fed and Jew, Cantwell Fed ...

2017-08-31 23:41:29 UTC  

How did you know I had one

2017-08-31 23:41:46 UTC  

@OrwellHuxley mosley: fed, gay, and Jew.

2017-08-31 23:41:48 UTC  

Fucking morons

2017-08-31 23:41:58 UTC  

If you want to do IRL action you're a fed

2017-08-31 23:41:59 UTC  

He's being denied bail because his "hate speech" makes him a "threat to others"

2017-08-31 23:41:59 UTC  

Sorry I missed that one

2017-08-31 23:42:12 UTC  

The fourth reich will be born by shitposting on 8chan until Hitler comes back

2017-08-31 23:42:19 UTC  

"Hate speech" = jokes and sarcasm

2017-08-31 23:42:20 UTC  

@Commodvs Detritvs that's complete bs.

2017-08-31 23:42:23 UTC  

@☇Unlimited Power☇ omg does she have a black sun on her breast

2017-08-31 23:42:35 UTC  

Denied bail for making fucking JOKES

2017-08-31 23:42:43 UTC  

@Wraff and solving pizzagate

2017-08-31 23:42:44 UTC  

id have so much fun using that tat as target practice

2017-08-31 23:42:44 UTC  

OH SHIT 1042 followers, i must be a fed 😦

2017-08-31 23:42:58 UTC  

🤡 🌐

2017-08-31 23:43:02 UTC  

@badtanman its on her arm i believe.

2017-08-31 23:43:09 UTC  

@Zorost = gay, fed, and Jewish

2017-08-31 23:43:19 UTC  

god thats hot

2017-08-31 23:43:49 UTC  

i did talk about getting a good deal last week, that is pretty semitic

2017-08-31 23:43:55 UTC  


2017-08-31 23:44:50 UTC  

I wish we really had the Trump from the memes

2017-08-31 23:45:07 UTC  

Meme Trump signing executive orders at sundown every Friday

2017-08-31 23:46:29 UTC  

I really wish we had Pence from the memes. Encouraging gays to join the military so he can find them and give them the zap.

2017-08-31 23:51:39 UTC  

instead pence is milktoast as fuck

2017-08-31 23:53:21 UTC  

I wonder what Cantwell's cuck buddy Eddie with the "Ron Paul Revolution" tattoo who's wife made him sleep in the garage because Cantwell talked race realism in their house thinks now

2017-08-31 23:53:32 UTC  


2017-08-31 23:54:22 UTC  

i found some chilean boomer on youtube who does "redpill" stuff

2017-08-31 23:54:40 UTC  

it's fun to see how old lawyers get in to the game

2017-08-31 23:54:44 UTC  

he doesnt get the altright tho

2017-08-31 23:55:33 UTC  

they still think that it's restricted to the chons and <:autism:283518622251483136>

2017-08-31 23:56:47 UTC