Message from northern_confederate in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-09-01 20:47:16 UTC  

More like Jewish Tantalus.

2017-09-01 20:47:26 UTC  

That's a better way to put it.

2017-09-01 20:47:44 UTC  

ha caught you

2017-09-01 20:47:45 UTC  

So close to the shekels, but never quite grasping them.

2017-09-01 20:48:11 UTC  

real alt righters are inbred goyim not literary scholars

2017-09-01 20:48:17 UTC  

you outed yourself with your knowledge

2017-09-01 20:48:26 UTC  

Oh no.

2017-09-01 20:48:43 UTC  

oh yes

2017-09-01 20:49:07 UTC  

if you donate 1488 shekels to my patreon you'll be absolved

2017-09-01 20:49:58 UTC  

I will never do that.

2017-09-01 20:50:10 UTC  

@Zorost inb4 gavin bans people drinking milk.

2017-09-01 20:50:18 UTC  

Isn't Hector a landscaper name anyway

2017-09-01 20:50:26 UTC  

how brown are you right now

2017-09-01 20:50:48 UTC  

proud boys will now be infiltrated by a bunch of talib kweli fans looking to report them to FBI

2017-09-01 20:51:10 UTC  

pretty sure club rules already require soy-milk only

2017-09-01 20:51:17 UTC  

pro tip the mos def talib kweli album is actually good

2017-09-01 20:51:27 UTC  

@northern_confederate this is your body on spanish imperialism.

2017-09-01 20:51:46 UTC  

*inserts mystery meat 23 and me*

2017-09-01 20:51:51 UTC  

this is me on spic genocide

2017-09-01 20:52:24 UTC  

Mestizo Chippening when?

2017-09-01 20:52:45 UTC  

I'm not actually dating nanners I'm just gonna murder her for her prior belief spics are human

2017-09-01 20:53:31 UTC  

this is obviously satirical for the fbi agents in the chat

2017-09-01 20:54:58 UTC  

if anyone has pics of large khazar backsides please dm to me

2017-09-01 20:55:07 UTC  

it's for research

2017-09-01 20:55:24 UTC  

Im researching how much i can cum

2017-09-01 20:55:29 UTC  

send moar butts

2017-09-01 20:55:41 UTC  


2017-09-01 20:56:32 UTC  

in a past life I might've been a nigger

2017-09-01 20:58:45 UTC  

wow no one sent me jewish butts do you guys hate me

2017-09-01 20:59:10 UTC  

The latest shoah where Mike threw shade on the NEETs.

2017-09-01 21:00:14 UTC  

did you see the virgin sven chad enoch maymay

2017-09-01 21:04:40 UTC  

*major fucking squint*

2017-09-01 21:05:29 UTC  

lol Major Squint was revealed to be a fraud he never even served

2017-09-01 21:05:38 UTC  


2017-09-01 21:05:39 UTC  

don't you watch 20/20

2017-09-01 21:05:52 UTC  

confed is high on sass pills

2017-09-01 21:07:45 UTC  

Tfw according to Svenpai I'm a southerner since I like grits.

2017-09-01 21:09:00 UTC  

I like girls too am I a southerner

2017-09-01 21:11:06 UTC  

confed is high on ass pills more like it

2017-09-01 21:12:38 UTC  

fuck you my rabbi said they're supplements