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2016-08-12 15:14:26 UTC  

surprising, since the average reader is like 17

2016-08-12 15:14:31 UTC  

hammer of the patriot

2016-08-12 15:14:53 UTC  

it's a pretty popular book in the right wing

2016-08-12 15:15:16 UTC  

nice, I'll look into it

2016-08-12 15:15:19 UTC  

it's a manual for arguing against leftists to increase your authority in your social circles

2016-08-12 15:15:38 UTC  

most people find it useful

2016-08-12 15:15:43 UTC  

i recommend it

2016-08-12 15:15:48 UTC  

it's free 😃

2016-08-12 15:17:28 UTC

2016-08-12 15:17:43 UTC  

This one? Lol

2016-08-12 15:17:47 UTC  


2016-08-12 15:18:11 UTC  

why, did you read it before?

2016-08-12 15:18:55 UTC  

No I just jewgled it

2016-08-12 15:19:07 UTC  


2016-08-12 15:19:11 UTC  


2016-08-12 15:19:28 UTC  

the initial title i had in mind was malleus liberaleum, but the joke was too obscure i think

2016-08-12 15:20:44 UTC  

The liberal hammer?

2016-08-12 15:20:49 UTC  

Or hammering liberala

2016-08-12 15:21:13 UTC  

it's a spoof on the medieval book, malleus maleficarum or something

2016-08-12 15:21:17 UTC  

"witch hammer"

2016-08-12 15:21:33 UTC  

a book to facilitate the prosecution of witches

2016-08-12 15:21:37 UTC  

obscure reference

2016-08-12 15:21:46 UTC  


2016-08-12 15:22:09 UTC  


2016-08-12 15:22:13 UTC  

I get it

2016-08-12 15:23:36 UTC  

I've never readt it, but it's a great topic for a book

2016-08-12 15:24:20 UTC  

i made it short (around 100 pages), so that people who don't like reading can still read it

2016-08-12 15:26:37 UTC  

I love to read, but I'm sure in 100 pages you can still get your main point across on this topic. I'm gonna read it tonight after work.

2016-08-12 15:32:52 UTC  

hey guys, I got to work for a bit...I'll look into the book Zeiger

2016-08-12 15:33:00 UTC  

but how are we going to stay in touch?

2016-08-12 15:33:17 UTC  

pm's on the forum and this place

2016-08-12 15:33:30 UTC  

once everyone is on here

2016-08-12 15:33:31 UTC  

can I get this to work on phone?

2016-08-12 15:33:42 UTC  

sure, there's an app i think

2016-08-12 15:33:42 UTC  

Yeah I'm on my phone

2016-08-12 15:33:51 UTC  

It makes you download an app

2016-08-12 15:34:07 UTC  

ok, I'll check that out

2016-08-12 15:57:52 UTC  

I don't know where we are going to do our first meet and greet but I can definitely host if needed, I have a decent place.

2016-08-12 17:12:37 UTC  

i was thinking of doing it in a public place somewhere, but if you're willing to host, that works fine

2016-08-12 17:13:26 UTC  

Wherever is good for me, just throwing that out there.