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i like it

but i shy away from nazi fetishism even though i think the world would be a better place had they won

that said i'm visiting the nazi headquarters in Muniich and Nuremburg

it's the shock vs smooth suits thing

2016-09-15 23:30:01 UTC  

the pokemon banner is part of the campaign to troll the media

2016-09-15 23:30:11 UTC  

phase 2 of the operation will begin soon

i saw some obscure outlets post stuff about it already

2016-09-15 23:30:33 UTC  

i mean... don't you think the banner is funny?

yeah it's hilarious, well done

i like the dichotomy, hitler + pokemon

2016-09-15 23:31:34 UTC  

no one sane could say "those guys are evil nazis" - it'll just look like a joke. but die hard liberals will be like "nazis are trying to brainwash kids into loving hitler!!!"

2016-09-15 23:31:59 UTC  

yeah, that's the beauty

so you contacted them

2016-09-15 23:33:12 UTC  

not yet, lol

ah so this is only word of mouth

2016-09-15 23:33:37 UTC  

a bunch of articles have appeared

2016-09-15 23:33:47 UTC  

that's already more than i would have expected

2016-09-15 23:33:55 UTC  

they got word not to cover this

2016-09-15 23:34:10 UTC  

that's why phase 2 was a necessity from the start

wait but how did they already get word of this

2016-09-15 23:34:33 UTC  

they read it on DS i guess

2016-09-15 23:34:51 UTC  

the first article was like "yeah, some guys are already doing this, you should join in"

2016-09-15 23:34:59 UTC  

we said this was already in operation

2016-09-15 23:35:09 UTC  

and that we aren't at the origin of things

sounds promising

2016-09-15 23:36:18 UTC  

lol, one article even quotes anglin

2016-09-15 23:36:19 UTC  

“The Daily Stormer was designed to appeal to teenagers, but I have long thought that we needed to get pre-teens involved in the movement,” Anglin wrote. “At that age, you can really brainwash someone easily. Anyone who accepts Nazism at the age of 10 or 11 is going to be a Nazi for life. And it isn’t hard. It’s just a matter of pulling them in. And what better way to do it than with Pokemon fliers at the Pokemon Go gym???”

2016-09-15 23:36:46 UTC  

he said many times to journalists that he's trying to brainwash children, but until now they've been smart enough not to print it

2016-09-15 23:37:14 UTC  

now some lower level idiots are printing it straight from the website

this is broadly to discredit the media and desensatize the public to the alt right

2016-09-15 23:37:23 UTC  

they don't understand, haha


2016-09-15 23:37:41 UTC  

there's different reasons, yeah