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2016-08-17 16:41:42 UTC  

yeah for a friday evening at 7, a reservation would be nice, but not sure it's possible. We'll be only like 4 i think, so we can just show up and wing it, if one place is packed we go to the other, they're pretty close, hell we can stay at the bar menacingly until a table opens up, or we muscle some ppl out of there worst case

2016-08-17 16:42:02 UTC  

I assume we all look like this right?

2016-08-17 16:42:33 UTC  

anyway ill wait to hear back from the rest, see what zeiger's ok with

2016-08-17 16:43:40 UTC  

dont forget your suspenders

2016-08-17 16:44:18 UTC  

Lol I'm much better looking

2016-08-17 16:44:23 UTC  


2016-08-17 17:22:32 UTC  

maybe a topic of discussion for friday (this scares the shit out of me)

2016-08-17 18:40:52 UTC  

I'm fine with this. we'll probably be 5 people in total

2016-08-17 18:41:18 UTC  

i obviously look like this though

2016-08-17 18:41:19 UTC

2016-08-17 18:41:47 UTC  


2016-08-17 18:48:42 UTC  

actually, i have this exact same mustache

2016-08-17 18:48:43 UTC

2016-08-17 18:49:07 UTC  


2016-08-17 18:50:32 UTC  

Pretty gay :)

2016-08-17 19:11:27 UTC  

what do anglos know about glorious mustaches 👌 👨

2016-08-17 19:24:44 UTC  

I got a full beard, not a barbarian bush beard, but full.

2016-08-17 19:32:13 UTC  


2016-08-17 19:32:39 UTC  

like this, then?

2016-08-17 19:32:45 UTC

2016-08-18 06:39:54 UTC  

my haircut looks like a classic nazi's thats for sure but no tats. so ye olde orchard on prince arthur at 7 then - we'll go from there if need be. i'll bring my pet dindu just for "kicks". won't he be surprised! a plus tard les boys

2016-08-18 13:01:19 UTC  

eh, your pet dindu? how about not?

2016-08-18 16:34:58 UTC  

You going to make a reservation?

2016-08-18 16:41:51 UTC  

obviously no dindu. Reservations made for 7 under my name "gestapol", corner table in the back. Food is decent, beers not too expensive. Cheers

2016-08-18 22:03:22 UTC  

24 hrs till the MTL Alt-reich gather

2016-08-18 22:03:40 UTC  

Does anyone know if the other book clubs are advancing as fast as we are

2016-08-19 00:47:08 UTC  

some have already me

2016-08-19 00:47:09 UTC  


2016-08-19 02:17:44 UTC  

Damn so we don't get that trophy

2016-08-19 02:19:25 UTC  

Hello fellow goyim. I'm in also.

2016-08-19 02:20:36 UTC  

Oy vey

2016-08-19 19:00:19 UTC  

4 hours boys

2016-08-19 19:00:25 UTC  

I'm real thirsty

2016-08-19 19:00:47 UTC  

Should I troll the whole bar with my trump sweater

2016-08-19 19:03:01 UTC  

>not having a trump hat and swastika tshirt
get on my level breh

2016-08-19 19:03:07 UTC  

actually, just kidding

2016-08-19 19:03:21 UTC  

i'm weaking a white tshirt, like a proper white man

2016-08-19 19:04:34 UTC  

It's too hot for my sweater

2016-08-19 19:04:40 UTC  

I have two shirts though

2016-08-19 19:05:17 UTC  

Oh and my trump cut out

2016-08-19 19:05:20 UTC