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2016-09-19 15:46:32 UTC  

Oh of course not hes just a mentally ill lone wolf

2016-09-19 15:50:24 UTC  

Hey zeiger

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2016-09-19 15:54:05 UTC  

I was wondering if you guys are doing a piece on the how the (((media))) bashed trump for a day and half for calling the explosion a bomb or an attack or whatever it was prematurely ... when it actually was an attack. If not, I'd like to give it a shot, I can get it to you in a couple hours, but I'm not gonna bother if you're already doing that.

2016-09-19 15:56:12 UTC  

well, you could, but you need to read the editorial guidelines

2016-09-19 15:56:47 UTC  

Of course anything I need to do. Do you have a link

2016-09-19 15:57:02 UTC  

Of course anything I need to do. Do you have a link

2016-09-19 15:57:13 UTC  

Of course anything I need to do. Do you have a link

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2016-09-20 02:08:06 UTC  

we're hitting treason levels that should be impossible

2016-09-20 12:38:26 UTC  

Thanks for the Canuck news goys will be a good read to get my heart pumping before a workout

congrats on getting name dropped by morakiu in the latest merchant minute of the daily shoah zeiger!

2016-09-20 22:35:13 UTC  

really? I hope he doesn't blast me, lol

no he quotes your article about Trump Jr's gas chamber quote

2016-09-20 22:37:21 UTC  

btw, just did the first "pokemon interview"

how did it go?

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2016-09-20 22:58:09 UTC  

they really believed i was a mother, traumatized by evil trump supporters

2016-09-20 22:58:41 UTC  

the pictures were believable

2016-09-20 22:58:52 UTC  

a good start to "phase 2"

a local newspaper?

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2016-09-20 23:14:47 UTC  

i sent many letters to various cities

2016-09-20 23:14:54 UTC  

still waiting for answers

2016-09-20 23:15:02 UTC  

they'll probably want to interview me as well

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2016-09-22 17:22:36 UTC  

Whats going on lads

2016-09-22 19:02:01 UTC  

Not much man you?

2016-09-22 19:04:08 UTC  

I think my "red pilling" is complete lmao

2016-09-22 19:04:26 UTC  

Been reading A LOT today

2016-09-22 19:07:12 UTC  

Nice, what have you been reading

2016-09-22 19:08:03 UTC  

Just all kinds of shit mostly referenced on daily stormer. So fed up lol

2016-09-22 19:08:33 UTC  

Was reading an article like 7 kikes own all of the american media

2016-09-22 19:10:04 UTC  

Wtf is this country gonna be like when i have kids or when my kids have kids, canada is only 75% white

2016-09-22 22:21:08 UTC  

New political quebec group is going to give their first press conference in mtl tommorow " anglophones for independent quebec"

2016-09-22 22:24:46 UTC  

Where did you hear this?

2016-09-22 22:29:42 UTC  

Yeah I would be interested to know what their ideology is , why they think that way