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@tinaVey we're not nazis, stop false flagging. This is an anti-commie group. Not a natsoc group, not an ancap.

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We may have fashy goys with us but we're not a natsoc organization

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@Cœur de Lion I know. I was trying to goad TinaVey into agreeing with me

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I'm all for CC but the moment one is used in self defense no matter the reason PR goes down the shitter

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But we need to agknowledge the nature of this. We need the publics support.

2017-02-06 03:24:14 UTC  

nazi is just a pormanteau of the shortening of "**Na**tionalso**zi**alistische"

2017-02-06 03:24:16 UTC  

I'm getting really tired of repeating myself regarding the fashygoys. Stop with the nazism. It will kill this movement. Hide your powerlevel, at least until we win.

2017-02-06 03:24:24 UTC  

Stop arguing for this natsoc military LARPing bullshit. We need public support.

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The public is naturally going to be against violence and riots, we need to give them an approachable outlet to voice their opinion and practice their beliefs

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We win by appealing to middle american classic anti-communism

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We have fashy goys, we are NOT a natsoc group. Nor an ancap. Just anti-commie anti-violence group

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Hi. I'm a friendly centrist. I have normal views.

2017-02-06 03:24:54 UTC  

We want to win over the normies.

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Guys, we are trying to redpill the normies, so keep it simple, relateable, and knowledgeable.

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Indeed. Nazism is for /pol/, not for IRL.

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@Moonman I'm not a centrist, but you're fucking retarded if you actually unironically think natsoc will win public opinion.

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I'm not fucking cattle

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hey what about white as a colour scheme? white jackets and white beanie hats or something - you look like peacekeepers plus easily recognisable uniform in the dark

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Its normalfag

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This is a cultural war. You want the normies on your side if you want to win.

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white shirt + red hat + jeans

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@Jarimus simple relatablr knowledge with no mention whatsoever of ((()))

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A wyatt man actually posted that on fullchan first

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@Cœur de Lion Sounds decently good but @tinaVey has a good plan too

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@Anticom LR I agree with you. But hiding political viewpoints is rather disingenuous.