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2017-05-16 09:22:25 UTC  

Whod've thought all this would happen?

2017-05-16 09:22:32 UTC  

I mean where we all 5 years ago?

2017-05-16 09:23:22 UTC  

Yep, what I keep saying

2017-05-16 09:24:03 UTC  

Ben even got to meet the Finn Ninja Antifa Kicking nazi

2017-05-16 09:24:42 UTC  

2012 was just internet autism, 2017 we got people in pretty much everything. If there's hardcore NS, we're there

2017-05-16 09:24:43 UTC  

Ya'll need to come to america (well, ben for the second time)

2017-05-16 09:25:49 UTC  

Ben said America was full on cancer, totally niggerized and hostile society

2017-05-16 09:26:04 UTC  

Heard about Torren trip

2017-05-16 09:26:08 UTC  

I guess even you heard of it

2017-05-16 09:26:20 UTC  

that happened right as I was stepping out

2017-05-16 09:26:26 UTC  

yes America is full of Cancer

2017-05-16 09:26:33 UTC  

but come on guy

2017-05-16 09:26:39 UTC  

If you were in my room with me

2017-05-16 09:26:50 UTC  

I'd be able to take you to place where we could shoot full auto machine guns

2017-05-16 09:26:54 UTC  

its like 4 hours from me

2017-05-16 09:27:37 UTC  

Maybe some day.

2017-05-16 09:28:19 UTC  


2017-05-16 09:35:22 UTC  

I'll bounce now, feel free to PM in emergency case of blackpill

2017-05-16 09:35:23 UTC  


2017-05-16 09:35:28 UTC  

will do, see ya

2017-05-16 09:36:03 UTC  


2017-05-16 11:34:47 UTC  

I really want to know WTH is going on?? Do we have ANY internal structure? I want to meet other Virginia goys, I wanted to be at the Charlottesville demo (We are 1 hr away), and I would like some of my questions responded to. I have DM'd already, but follow through or responses have been nil. I am new to TWP, so a little direction and orientation would be nice.

2017-05-16 11:36:40 UTC  

Otherwise I can just DS book club.

2017-05-16 11:39:11 UTC  

Same. I dont mind book clubbing myself, however, mine got shut down due to (((MSM))) infiltrators 👿

2017-05-16 11:40:27 UTC  

Not to mention I have met folks from my city who are TWP affiliated (and are very willing to join) but we still havent officially met.

2017-05-16 11:42:05 UTC  

I had the same issue in WI. Joined TWP asked if there was other in my area. a few times to different people with no responce. I've been doing well with the book clubs

2017-05-16 11:45:26 UTC  

It is frustrating. You would think that there would at least be, "Oh, you are located here, contact these goys over here." Hell, my friend and I joined within a month of each other, and no one ever mentioned, "Oh, the two of you are from the same city, do you know each other? Have you met?"

2017-05-16 11:46:00 UTC  

We would have stood with Matt in Charlottesville. IRL is where it is at.

2017-05-16 11:47:18 UTC  

I already have a good means by which my Chapter can grow planned.

2017-05-16 11:47:58 UTC  

Just need to meet and finalize things through and get going.

2017-05-16 11:50:41 UTC  

Parrott and I discussed me starting a chapter at Pikeville. I contacted him about it and.....nothing. Honestly, I am not interested now. I do not want to get tied down w/ added responsibilities outside of my family if it is just going to be me flailing around w/ no support structure. Not trying to blackpill, but shit, I have to be honest.

2017-05-16 11:51:39 UTC  

I know. It upsets me that there wont be much going on but then its to be expected.

2017-05-16 11:51:45 UTC  

Thinking of cancelling my membership. The good folks I met will still be good folks when we meet again.

2017-05-16 12:09:27 UTC  

Ah shit, that sucks man I was hoping you'd get a chapter going so I could fly down there

2017-05-16 12:14:21 UTC  

We're in the middle of an elaborate restructuring which is going to permanently shift responsibilities from people who aren't keeping up to people who can. Your auto-payment has been terminated, JT. And I apologize for the communication issues we're causing as we try to juggle party management with our moving.

2017-05-16 12:19:37 UTC  

Gotchya. Thanks for quick response and letting me know.

2017-05-16 12:21:05 UTC  

As for Charlottesville, we were not the organizers and were not allowed to perform a call-out. It wasn't our event. All of the attendees with TradWorker were hand-picked by Spencer/IE.

2017-05-16 12:21:43 UTC  

Makes sense. I know that it was intended to be different visually.

2017-05-16 12:23:01 UTC  

The regional coordinator framework will resolve the problem of people failing to be networked. The reason we don't just immediately connect goys with goys is that we're concerned about security issues and are trying to arrive at a process for doing that which doesn't create undue risk for our membership, as we have known hostiles signing up for the party and asking for a list of the people near them.

2017-05-16 12:24:01 UTC  

Seems like a first step in more organization for the rallies. Us regular folk just want to play too:)

2017-05-16 12:24:24 UTC  

We have a plan in place where we've delegated six trusted regional leaders who will appoint state-level chairpersons to manage the experience and network local comrades, with upstream accountability, but it can't really roll out until after the next issue of action goes out, which will be in roughly a week.