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Aztecs were savages yeah but they were nowhere near "africa-tier"

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go look at the cities they made

2017-02-04 05:43:27 UTC  

and go look at africa

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Spain fucked them up

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native americans did not live in the woods in fucking wigwams for their whole civilization, they had a full civilization with towns and roads and millions of tons of copper mined out of Michigan

2017-02-04 05:43:44 UTC  

and something happened and they all ended up innawoods like savages

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then spaniards came

2017-02-04 05:43:47 UTC  

the end

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Literally it was like 1000 against 10,000

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haha really i have never heard that doctor piss

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Native Americans were actually based, but they failed utterly at organizing against their European invaders and got cucked.

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its true

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What the hell happened to the Middle East man

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Once a Scientific powerhouse, now a shithole

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i would read a fiction book about magic techno indians that dig too deep and get fucked by cthuhlu so they go innawoods and the europeans come

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t. Elizabeth Warren

2017-02-04 05:46:25 UTC  

Warren, what a fucking hack

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Lackey like

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She looks like a fucking mushy pea

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what caused her turn around

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The Middle East used to be based as fuck too until they went full Mudslime

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Vile bitch

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she was a prosecturo or something

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I'm Indian and from India, And I don't know hat I'm doing here.

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im sorry to hear that sad

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@adolfhortler Lovecraft actually wrote a novella about that

2017-02-04 05:47:25 UTC  

Loyal British Indians were based

2017-02-04 05:47:32 UTC  

The Parthian Empire gave the Romans a run for their fucking money.

2017-02-04 05:47:38 UTC  

Like the ones who defended the East India Company

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>I had gone into Oklahoma to track down and correlate one of the many ghost tales which were current among the white settlers, but which had strong Indian corroboration, and—I felt sure—an ultimate Indian source. They were very curious, these open-air ghost tales; and though they sounded flat and prosaic in the mouths of the white people, they had earmarks of linkage with some of the richest and obscurest phases of native mythology. All of them were woven around the vast, lonely, artificial-looking mounds in the western part of the state, and all of them involved apparitions of exceedingly strange aspect and equipment.

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im finna go read that

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Native American mining[edit]
Native Americans were the first to mine and work the copper of Lake Superior and the Keweenaw Peninsula of northern Michigan between 5000 BCE and 1200 BCE. The natives used this copper to produce tools. Archaeological expeditions in the Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale revealed the existence of copper producing pits and hammering stones which were used to work the copper.[3] Some writers have suggested that as much as 1.5 billion pounds of copper was extracted during this period, but some archaeologists consider such high figures as "ill-constructed estimates" and that the actual figure is unknown.[4]

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Cubans vote red because they know what it feels like to get lied to and tricked by leftists.